Andrea, Francine, Sylvia open their doors for fun-filled, exciting room raid in Huwag Kang Mangamba set

We can get to enjoy, yet again, another Room Raid with the Huwag Kang Mangamba cast and immerse ourselves behind the scenes of the drama serye’s lock-in taping.

Seth Fedelin, our reliable Squadmate and Pio on the teleserye, already got his room raided along with co-actor Enchong Dee before so he sees this as the perfect opportunity to lead the Squad Plus vlog’s room crashing.

First stop was Andrea Brillantes’ room. The young actress may have been more excited than us because right from the first knock, she readily welcomed us inside.

Andrea shared that she used to have two tables of snacks and food, but since she recently turned 18, she’s been following a stricter diet. Although, she still has lots of healthy grub stashed in the house and would even cook her own food in her room’s mini cooking station, complete with a trusty air fryer.

Her stuff for taping also takes up a side of her room which includes her cart full of essentials and her character Mira’s wig. Since Andrea chopped off a chunk of her hair, she uses a wig for the show and claims that she takes care of it very dearly, as much as she would care for her own life.

After Seth explored the whole of Andrea’s room, they both decided to go to co-star Francine Diaz’s room. The tandem had to walk onto the other side of the lock-in taping set because since they now have two directors for the second cycle of the lock-in taping, the cast was divided to the two locations.

The teen actress behind Joy was shy to show her room at first, but raiders Seth and Andrea quickly felt at home in her humble room. The first thing we notice is the folding bed beside the room’s bed. Francine explains that she brought her own folding bed because she’s not used to sleeping in a bed that isn’t hers.

On the right side of the room are her things for taping and her very own make-up station. Sometimes, she would just invite her hair and make-up artist to fix her look in her room because everything is already set up there.

As Francine toured us around, Andrea was sneakily grabbing some snacks from Francine’s well-stocked kitchen area. While amused, Francine offered that Andrea just take the yummy biscuits and invited the group to visit the room filled with the most snacks, fit to feed the whole cast — it’s the room of veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez, whom they endearingly call Tita Ibyang.

When asked why she has so much food stocked, Sylvia knows that her castmates have different tastes so she buys all their favorite snacks before they are locked in the set and restricted to go out for a store or grocery run. Plus, Andrea and Francine are always raiding her fridge and pantry so she just gladly indulges the young actresses’ cravings. 

Another interesting find in the veteran actress’ room is her relaxation equipment. On her bed, she had a blood circulation mat that boosts blood flow to relieve stress and tension. There’s also a comfy massage chair made to soothe and relax the muscles after a tiring day of taping. 

Seth, Andrea, and Francine all happily try out Sylvia’s relaxation equipment and grab armfuls of snacks before ending the vlog.

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