Andrea Seth answer intriguing questions in Sagot o Lagot

Taking a break from the drama in Huwag Kang Mangamba, Andrea Brillantes recently uploaded a new fun vlog on her YouTube channel featuring a very special guest, none other than her love team partner and co-star Seth Fedelin. 

The two have already been together in her past vlogs, such as the “Who Knows Me Better” Challenge with her older sister Kayla Aan and when Seth did Andrea’s makeup. But in this video, both of them were game to do the “Sagot o Lagot” Challenge, wherein they took turns in answering questions created by Kayla. As they chose to not answer a certain question, they had to take a shot of one of the drinks, which included cooking oil, vinegar, chili pepper, soy sauce, hot sauce, ketchup, and fish sauce.

After explaining the mechanics to Seth, Andrea proceeded on asking him the first question, which was “If you would be given a chance to have another love team partner, would you want to do it? If yes, who would you want to choose as your new love team partner?” He answered “hindi ako magpapalit” right away and simply reasoned out that he really doesn’t want to do it. 

The next question was for Andrea, which was about the part of her body that she hates the most. She didn’t have to think whether to reveal it or not as she blurted out “paa ko”.

Seth was able to wow us with his cleverness in responding to the question regarding the artist he does and doesn’t want to work with as he uttered the name of award-winning actor John Lloyd Cruz for both. Well, it’s because he wants to learn from him, and at the same time, he’s scared of him. 

When it was Andrea’s turn again, she was asked about the worst experience she had with a fellow celebrity or influencer. Unfortunately, she couldn’t think of any, so she was forced to take a shot of soy sauce. 

As Seth was quizzed if transferring to another network has ever crossed his mind, he simply answered an easy “hindi”, which she already expected, saying that he loves his home network, ABS-CBN.

While the question “Vlogger na ayaw mong maka-collab?” seemed to be hard for some, Andrea courageously answered it. Although she didn’t drop any name, she gave hints that this vlogger showed an unacceptable and hurtful comment with regards to tricycle drivers. The 18-year-old actress explained by sharing that her beloved late grandfather used to be a tricycle driver and she’s always been proud of him and other tricycle drivers like him. That’s why she could never tolerate that kind mentality and attitude that the unnamed vlogger showed.

Even though the question regarding her most favorite memory with him was easy to answer, she almost refused to divulge since she already shared it a number of times in interviews. But with the incessant prodding of her ate and her “ali” (their term of endearment), she declared “June 23” without any further explanation since they and their fans surely knows about it.

The next questions indeed put both of the on the hot seat, forcing Seth to take shots of their consequence drinks. Asked if there was ever a time when he thought that a celebrity’s gesture came as off to him, he refused to drop any name so he just chose to drink the vinegar.  Andrea had to respond to the almost same question, which got her torn between sharing it and just eating the chili pepper. But her on-screen partner reminded her that she’s a good person, so she just chose to take the consequence.

The young actor once again tried to beat around the bush in answering to the question about the housemate he hated inside the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house. He initially uttered “Kuya”, but Andrea and Kayla didn’t accept it, so he just played it safe again by saying that it’s his best friend Rhys Miguel because he left him in their bid to the Big 4.
Refraining to drop any name again, Andrea was forced to drink a shot of fish sauce when quizzed about the celebrity she doesn’t want to work with. She didn’t deny it, but she just refused to name whoever he/she is.

For the next questions, SethDrea were straightforward in sharing their responses. Asked if he had a crush with one of his housemates inside the PBB, he answered that there was none and argued that it’s because he has always been loyal. Andrea, on the other hand, easily enumerated a couple of things she hates the most about him, such as not listening to her stories, making fun of the things that annoy her, and being sarcastic to her.

Their fans were surely thrilled with their responses on the last questions as Seth revealed that it’s her ultimate celebrity crush Daniel Padilla to whom he gets jealous of, while Andrea disclosed that it’s him and her sister who are her favorite people. 

Click on this video to see everything that happened in this fun and exciting vlog!

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