Andrea Brillantes dares Seth Fedelin, sister Kayla in fun “Who Knows Me Better” Challenge

In the latest vlog she uploaded, Huwag Kang Mangamba star Andrea Brillantes dared her two best friends – her co-star and love team partner Seth Fedelin and her older sister Kayla for a fun “Who Knows Me Better Challenge,” wherein they gamely answered questions about her to prove who between them knows the actress better. Whoever gets the right answer would get a one thousand-peso cash.

The first question was about the thing that Andrea hates the most when it comes to work. Kayla answered that it’s tardiness, while Seth answered that it’s “ngarag” or being exhausted because of too much pressure, and he actually got it right.

For the worst feeling for Andrea when it comes to the physical aspect, the teen star had to give clues before both of them were able to realize that it’s actually dizziness. The same went to the worst feeling for her in the emotional aspect as they both found it hard to figure out what it was and she once again had to give a clue. As Andrea said that it’s something that she and Seth would always argue about and that she doesn’t really want to feel, her loveteam partner got the correct answer which was jealousy.

The next questions were relatively easier compared to the first ones. Andrea then asked where she was first raised. Seth thought it was in Taytay, Rizal, yet Kayla got the correct answer which was Quezon City. For Andrea’s most favorite street game or larong kalye when she was still a kid, her ate wasn’t able to answer, but Seth got it correctly and said “agawan base”. For the next one, she asked them who her grade school best friend is and Kayla was able to gain another thousand by correctly answering “Avie”.

As Andrea asked them what her motto is, the two relentlessly teased her by saying that she doesn’t have. She sternly contended that she has and it’s actually what she always answers in interviews. They still couldn’t figure it out, but when the actress said that it’s an acronym, Kayla was finally able to guess it right and wrote “YOLO” or “you only live once” on her iPad.

Next was a trivia question, which was the age when Andrea was baptized. And surprisingly, Seth knew it was when she was 10 years old. The next two questions were about Andrea’s favorite sports and the sports that she wants to try playing. Seth was able to get the first question right correctly by answering football, while Kayla got the second as she answered fencing.

Next two questions were school-related and both of them were answered correctly by Kayla. The first one was her little sister’s favorite subject in school, which was P.E., while the next one was her favorite time in school, which was dismissal or “uwian”.

The teen actress then asked them a tricky question, which was who they think she would choose among international icons Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, or Jennie Kim of BLACKPINK if she can only save one of them in a sinking ship. They initially mentioned all three names, but were wrong! Her Ate Kayla got the right answer as she said that Andrea would certainly not choose anyone from them. But when she asked them how old Kylie Jenner was when she first became her fan, Seth got it right by writing down “16”.

When it comes to her ‘deepest desire in life’ next to being an actress, Seth unbelievably answered it correctly by saying that it’s being the best mother and loving wife that she could be. For her favorite dog, both knew it was Oreo, but Kayla was the one who answered first.

Both her Huwag Kang Mangamba ­­co-star and her sister indeed had a hard time guessing what her dream debut theme, so she had to show a picture of it to help them, and set hastily wrote “picnic”.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to film the last four questions after her camera ran out of battery without them noticing. Thus, Andrea simply shared a recap by saying that Seth was the one who’s able to get the right answers to all the remaining questions.

Click on this video to see everything that happened in this truly fun vlog of Andrea with two of the closest people to her heart!

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