Andrea Brillantes claps back at haters in latest vlog

While many of us despise seeing, hearing, nor reading any form of negativities, a lot of celebrities are brave enough to face those by turning them into fun and feisty challenges that they feature in their vlogs. And the latest to join the bandwagon is Huwag Kang Mangamba actress Andrea Brillantes.

But instead of filling herself with bad vibes through reading the nasty remarks from netizens, she made it satisfying (and mouth-watering!) by having a mukbang and making us drool in her every bite of her favorites mussels (tahong), chicken intestines (isaw), chicken wings, and buttered shrimp.

The 18-year-old teen star addressed each of the snide tweet and YouTube comment collated by her beloved Ate Kayla, who also helped her remove the shells of the mussels and shrimps as she spoke. She had equally ferocious clapbacks for those who bashed her over her obsession to BTS two years ago, her statements on Twitter, her trademark thick eyebrows, as well as her television performances, especially as her iconic Kadenang Ginto role Marga.

“Alam n’yo, kaya nga ako artista e. Gets n’yo ‘yon? Kasi kaya kong i-act lahat ng roles kaya nga artista. Gusto ko maging versatile actress. Alam mo ‘yon, versatile? ‘Yong kaya iba’t ibang role, hindi stick to one. At saka para sa akin, ‘yon ang challenge,” she sarcastically explained.

She was also criticized for her being nitpicky or pretentious, bratty, and arrogant, and was even called names. Thus, she told the netizen, “’Di ko naman kasi kailangang i-prove sa lahat ng tao ‘yong kabaitan ko.”

Instead of getting hurt, Andrea just simply shrugged those off, commented on each of those, and devoured her food. There were also instances when she corrected their grammar, making her extra savage.

“Natatawa ako sa mga bashers na dine-dedicate nila halos buong buhay nila para lang i-bash ‘yong artistang ‘to, i-bash ako. Galit na galit kayo, mumurahin n’yo kami. ‘Yong totoo, kami? Wala lang. We will just continue on doing our job, we will still earn money, gagawin ko pa rin ‘yong mga vlogs na ‘to kahit anong sabihin n’yo,” she expressed.

Then she added, “Puro kayo ganyan, you’re wasting your time on us. Ano bang benefit no’n para sa inyo? Ano bang fulfilment no’n? Fulfillment na malalabas n’yo na ‘yong galit n’yo? ‘Di ‘yon magandang klaseng fulfilment. May karma, guys.”

As someone remarked how she seemed to have grown conceited, Andrea explained that it’s probably because she has finally gained the self-confidence and self-love, she was lacking before due to depression, eating disorder, and body dysmorphia. She also used to hate herself so much and get bullied, particularly in school. And it was only when she was 16 years old that she learned her value and love for herself, with the help of Kadenang Ginto and the people comprising it.

That was seconded by her Ate Kayla, saying that people probably mistook her confidence as arrogance since she now has a loud personality compared to her younger self.

Andrea capped off the vlog through her parting words to her haters. She said, “To my haters, if you don’t like me, what makes you think that I like you, too. Okay? Pinagkaiba lang, mas may paki kayo sa akin, ako wala. Okay?”

Her Ate Kayla urged her to tell them that she still wishes them well despite their rudeness, which she gladly heeded, but not when asked her to add that they’re filming her vlog in her newly-renovated bedroom.

Click on this video to see how Andrea slayed her bashers through her fierce clapbacks! Keep on showing your love and support to her by not missing an episode of Huwag Kang Mangamba, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z.