7 scenes showing Miguel as a brother to Rafa

Like a lion to its cub, a brother’s love is protective yet warm, tough yet unconditional. This fraternal know-how is depicted in the primetime series Huwag Kang Mangamba through Miguel (RK Bagatsing)’s relationship with his brother Rafa (Kyle Echarri). Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that shows how Miguel, despite the broken family, bitterness, and wrong influence tries his best to be a good ‘kuya.’

Miguel played father figure to Rafa since their parents’ tragic death. While Mayor Simon, the patriarch, shows real tough love towards his grandkids, it is Miguel’s gentle spirit that keeps things in balance. He is Rafa’s protector from the outside world and even from their grandfather’s harsh attitude and big expectations. Miguel is submissive to everything Mayor Simon says, from his political run to corrupt deeds, but he never lets Rafa get trapped in an uncomfortable situation. That’s why he told Mayor Simon to just let Rafa enjoy his youth instead of forcing the young guy to get involved in politics.

In times of teenage trouble leading up to Mayor Simon’s wrath, Miguel makes a stand to defend his brother. He never lets anyone hurt Rafa, not even their own Lolo, thus the bold move to stop Mayor Simon from throwing the book at the young Advincula. He did so even if he would become another target of their grandfather’s fury.

Tayong dalawa na lang and I won’t let anything destroy this family,” Miguel told Rafa, when the latter asked why the complete devotion to their grandpa. Miguel promised to never stop caring for Rafa because he’s all he got. He will always be there to watch over him, catch him when he falls even if he messes up big time, although it comes with a request to stay away from Mira (Andrea Brillantes) and Joy (Francine Diaz), which Rafa struggles to obey. 

Despite the differences in views about life and faith, Miguel and Rafa are each other’s best friends. It helps that Miguel is always one step ahead in experience.  He knows better, so he can tell what Rafa should and shouldn’t do especially when dealing with other people. 

And in times of filial misunderstanding, Miguel knows how to make things right like by bringing Rafa his favorite ramen. 

In another scene, Rafa opened up about Barang (Sylvia Sanchez) accusing him of Mira’s hit-and-run incident. Rafa realized that they both have a cheetah sticker on their cars, but if he is innocent, he is sure that Miguel is not guilty as well. He looks up to his Kuya for being responsible. But, what if Rafa finds out about Miguel’s crime?

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