5 times Sofia got ‘hopia’ and ‘assumera’ toward Rafa in Huwag kang Mangamba

Crushing on someone is a valid feeling but assuming that the other person likes you back without being upfront about it can backfire in so many hurtful ways. That’s what happened to Sofia (Alyanna Angeles), who went ‘hopia’ assuming that Rafa (Kyle Echarri) also feels something romantic for her in the inspirational series Huwag Kang Mangamba. Here’s a Friday 5 feature that shows how ‘feelingera’ Sofia can get when it comes to the guy she likes.

We begin with a scene where Sofia and Rafa hang out with their other friends. There were other people around but Sofia thought only she could get Rafa’s attention. Her desperation can be extremely dirty. She bad-mouthed her sister Joy (Francine Diaz) to secure her throne as Rafa’s potential girlfriend. Sofia spread news about Joy’s involvement in a drug overdose, so she can appear as the goody-goody sister while Joy emerged as the bad girl.

The fake news, however, did not overpower Rafa’s ability to see the truth, thus growing closer with Joy despite the malicious attack. In a scene, Rafa dropped by the Cordero abode to invite the sisters for the church’s fundraising activity. Sofia’s face lit up, “Sinurprise mo na naman ako. Hindi ako prepared,” assuming that he showed up for her.

The truth is he wanted to spend time with Joy. So, for the sake of wanting to appear saintly, Sofia let her ‘Ate’ join them, which turned out to be a wrong move. Rafa got so busy helping Joy sell her paintings that he forgot to entertain Sofia as well, not that he was supposed to. But Sofia assumed it was going to be a date between them. “Kalimot-limot ba ako, Rafa?” she told him, leaving him confused about all the ‘hugot.’

In another scene, Sofia feigned drama to gain sympathy and destroy Joy’s image. She said Joy never liked her, especially since Mira (Andrea Brillantes) came. Since Rafa was there to give advice, she assumed the little act of listening is a sign of romantic feelings.

Sofia eventually grew tired of manipulating the events to score points in Rafa’s heart, leading up to a bold confession and an eventual rejection. “I think you’ve been giving me mixed signals. So kung gusto mo rin ako, this is your chance to tell me how you feel,” she told Rafa, only to get a reality slap. Poor Sofia was little sister-zoned.  

Like mother, like daughter. Pushed by her mom Agatha (Mercedes Cabral), Sofia is determined to steal Rafa from Joy. Watch out how far she can go to make Rafa fall for her in the teleserye Huwag Kang Mangamba, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.