5 times Rose got consumed by anger and vengeance in Huwag Kang Mangamba

There’s a biblical truth about two-faced individuals getting exposed in due time. Like a plant that withers, they will fall down as well and their true motives will be revealed. That’s what happened to Rose, played by Jane Oineza, in the inspirational teleserye Huwag Kang Mangamba. Here’s a Friday 5 feature that shows how wicked Rose has become due to unhealed trauma and pain from the past.

The first scene shows Rose playing innocent about the videos rebuking Father Seb (Enchong Dee). She then questioned the viral videos’ veracity in a tone that’s full of sarcasm and malice. But, of course, Father Seb was too kind to notice.

Rose acted warm and friendly and lied to other people’s faces. When no one’s looking, she takes off the mask to reveal her true self that’s full of vengeance and anger. In a scene, Rose secretly called her mother, who’s under the care of a mental institution. She talked about her plans to destroy Father Seb’s reputation and kill his father, Oscar (Art Acuña).

By then, viewers already figured out Rose's connection to Father Seb and Oscar. She is Emily, Oscar’s daughter from another woman. She disguised as a nurse to avenge his mom, who was sent to jail and suffered from a mental illness having been abandoned by Oscar during her pregnancy. She believed that because she’s miserable, others must be too.

The sham continued. Rose went on to act as Oscar’s personal nurse. Sometimes her frustrations would ruin the drama. There was a scene where she shouted at and talked back to Oscar.

In another scene that revealed her true colors, Rose was shown making videos and spreading fake news about Father Seb as her way of taking revenge. It didn’t take long until her mask fell off. Rose revealed herself to Oscar and attempted to kill him by depriving him of oxygen to breathe. Thankfully, Father Seb, through Mira (Andrea Brillantes) and Joy (Francine Diaz)’s help, weaved the clues together and arrived just on time to save Oscar.

Forgiveness redeems anger. Rose/Emily got her karma by serving time. Despite the trouble, she finally forgave Oscar, Father Seb, and more importantly, herself. Oscar and Father Seb promised to wait for her so they can all start anew as a family.

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