5 times Elias became Mira’s savior and protector in Huwag Kang Mangamba

His identity still remains a mystery to this day but one thing is for sure, Elias (Christopher de Leon) is Mira (Andrea Brillantes)’s savior, her refuge and  help in times of trouble.  As they become allies in liberating Hermoso from Deborah (Eula Valdes)’s cruelty, re-watch the scenes where Elias proved he’s on Mira’s side via this Friday 5 feature from Huwag Kang Mangamba.

In Thelma (Andrea del Rosario) and Armand (Richard Quan)’s house, Mira suffered from brutal punishments. She was slapped, whipped, and beaten up for every mistake, as well as the other kids. In a scene, after Mira failed the group’s mission to steal from a wealthy couple, Thelma got extremely furious that she was so close to killing Mira with a knife.

Elias arrived right on time to stop Thelma from further hurting the kid. He fought with Armand, then introduced himself as a new member of the syndicate.

Elias kept an eye on Mira since, always present to protect her from Thelma and Armand. And even if he’s not there, Elias just knew when Mira would need him, such as in their second mission which Mira volunteered to lead for Mikay (Andi Abaya)’s sake.

The group thought they failed to sneak out a precious necklace from the target. As Freya (Vivoree Esclito) and the rest were getting ready for the punishment, Mira blocked Thelma’s hand and the necklace fell from her bag. No one knew it was Elias who made a way to sneak the necklace in Mira’s bag.

Mira soon grew more desperate; she tried to escape with Mikay. However, Elias came in to block their way. He convinced them that running off would only put them in greater danger. The girls insisted, so Elias was forced to put them to sleep. Mira and Mikay woke up in their room, once again saved from Thelma and Armand’s ruthlessness.

Throughout that dark chapter in her life, Mira found her father figure in Elias. His story about growing up with poor yet loving parents resonated with her. Besides her growing life experience, Mira gained more wisdom through Elias’ generous advice.

The biggest act of sacrifice, they say, is when someone gives his life for another person. Elias often told Mira that she still has a mission on earth. Thus, he helped her escape after Thelma and Armand learned that he’s a police asset.

It led to a terrifying commotion, with Thelma pointing her gun at Mira. Elias was able to save Mira but not without taking a bullet for her. The cops arrived to arrest Thelma while Armand fought for his life. Mira cried out to Bro and begged Him to bestow Elias with a miracle.

Elias was brought back to life and promised to always guide and protect Mira from then on. Soon they both went to Hermoso where a bigger mission remains unaccomplished.

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