5 kilig scenes of Rafa and Joy as they transform from enemies to friends in Huwag Kang Mangamba

KyCine shippers are feeling happy each night as Kyle Echarri and Francine Diaz spread kilig, more so inspiration, via Kapamilya series Huwag Kang Mangamba. But unlike their previous afternoon soap Kadenang Ginto, wherein they have been secretly in love since the beginning, their love story as Joy (Francine) and Rafa (Kyle) starts with bad blood. Yet, their chemistry is just too strong that we can’t help but smile even if they argue like real enemies. Check out some of their best love-hate moments in this video.

In the first scene, Joy called out Rafa for what she perceived as an arrogant behavior. She saw him chiding a street vendor who accidentally bumped his car. With a heart for the poor, Joy defended the vendor and confronted Rafa, clueless of his standing. Irked by being called “papansin,” she attacked him and it almost got into an intense squabble had Pio (Seth Fedelin) fail to stop them.

The “sipa” session with Pio and Mira (Andrea Brillantes) was drenched in youthful kilig. Still annoyed by Rafa’s presence, she dared him to a game, and the four of them had fun playing at an open park.

Rafa helping Joy in her quest to finding her mother was quite a give-away of his feelings. Together with Pio and Mira, he drove her to a distant town where her mom’s best friend lives. Rafa gave Joy words of comfort, saying they will be waiting for her and he hopes she finds answers.

KyCine hearts fluttered when Rafa volunteered to help in the church’s fundraiser. Apart from his desire to help, he obviously wanted to see Joy. He was extra caring to her. It might have slipped Joy’s attention but not Sofia (Alyanna Angeles)’s, who got very jealous. 

The two had a chance to share a deep conversation about their faith – a sign that they are slowly opening up to each other and turning into friends. Rafa shared his disappointment with Bro for his parents’ terrible death. The heartbreaking loss drained him of his faith. Joy encouraged him to continue believing because she knows God has a perfect reason for everything. She herself used to be in a dark place but was restored by God’s love.

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