Barang heart-breaking moments

Is there any way to fix a mother’s broken heart once she’s separated from her child? As depicted through the character of Barang (Sylvia Sanchez) in Huwag Kang Mangamba, to be split apart from her kid would also rip a mother’s heart into two and it’s a plight no one can fathom. In this Friday 5 feature, we bring you the most heart-breaking scenes of Barang as she longs for her child in the inspirational series Huwag Kang Mangamba.

Barang knows she has a child whom she dearly loves and they’d be reunited one day. It’s the only truth she holds on to. She patiently waits for that day, albeit circumstances would sometimes trigger her trauma and uncontrolled frustrations.

There was a scene wherein Barang went into a mad, violent rage following a confrontation with Mayor Simon (Nonie Buencamino). She was crying non-stop, uttering words related to fear, trauma, and wanting her daughter back. Thankfully, Mira (Andrea Brillantes), Joy (Francine Diaz) and their friends were there to empathize. They may not understand what she’s talking about but they are willing to listen and comfort.

Then, Barang embraced Mira, thinking it was her daughter. And for a moment, her longing was filled in. Darling (Angeline Quinto) commented on Barang’s ability to love wholeheartedly despite her brokenness.

When she was sent to jail due to charges filed by Simon and Deborah (Eula Valdes), Barang found support in her friends. In between crying and hugging Mira, she told everyone to smile because she’s going to be fine. She didn’t want them to feel sorry for her. Such is the magnitude of a mother’s strength – the ability to comfort others even if she’s the one in pain.

In another scene, Mira sought Pio (Seth Fedelin)’s help in searching for Barang, who just left without a warning. They heard noisy grunts nearby. Tracing its source, they found Barang crying again and begging to be near her daughter. She was looking for her baby and lost it when she realized that her daughter is gone. Thankfully, Mira managed to soothe Barang’s outburst.

There are moments when Barang wonders about her child. In a conversation with Mira, she said she wants to know the truth, curious if her daughter is already married or has kids. The anxiety was heartbreaking. Here’s a mom who could only wonder, hope, and wait.

The last scene shows Barang’s chance encounter with the woman whom she entrusted her child to. Based on their conversation, we learned that Barang left her daughter at an orphanage. For whatever reason, she gave her child away for adoption and signed a contract that abolished her rights as the biological parent. The woman refused to give further information due to legal constraints but she was sure Barang’s daughter was raised by a God-fearing family.

When will Barang receive her miracle? Don’t miss an episode of Huwag Kang Mangamba, weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.