10 times Mira endured Thelma and Armand’s wickedness in Huwag Kang Mangamba

As Mira (Andrea Brillantes) goes back to Hermoso in the inspirational series Huwag Kang Mangamba, let us look back on her sufferings under a syndicate run by couple Armand (Richard Quan) and Thelma (Andrea del Rosario). After all, this dark chapter in her life is worth pondering on, for it showed her the value of fighting for herself and others - something she badly needs to do in the town of Hermoso. 

We begin this Kapamilya Toplist with the scene where Mira and the other kids were brutally punished after she jeopardized their mission to steal from a wealthy couple. Thelma repeatedly slapped Mira then called in the other kids to be whipped one by one. According to the rule, the whole group suffers for the mistake of just one. Mira tried to save the other kids but only to be beaten up by Armand.

The fragile Mikay (Andi Abaya) tried to let Mira escape despite the latter telling her not to make any move that might trigger Armand and Thelma’s fury. The couple arrived and caught them in the act. Thelma got extremely mad that she was close to killing Mira with a knife and ended up cutting the latter’s hair.

On the next mission, Mira’s group led by Freya (Vivoree Esclito) thought they failed to sneak out a precious necklace. When Mira blocked Thelma from giving Freya more slaps, the necklace accidentally fell from her bag. She was accused of trying to double cross the team but then the couple was easily convinced of her skills. No one knew it was Elias (Christopher de Leon) who made a way to steal the jewelry and put it in Mira’s bag.

For Thelma and Armand, every wrong move deserves to be punished, and that the mistake of one is the suffering of all. That’s why besides the physical beating, Mira felt the hurt in her conscience. She wanted to save her friends yet she couldn't do anything but watch them getting tortured. 

There was also a scene where she was terrorized and beaten up for her attempt to run away. Her next effort stirred chaos. Thelma scolded her for wanting to leave again. Mikay defended Mira and said they were just taking rest. She explained that if they wanted to escape, they should’ve not stayed in their room. 

In another scene, the cops arrived to act on a tip about the syndicate. But the kids were too scared to speak up, worse, the blame went to Mira. It was soon revealed that Elias is a police asset.

The revelation led to Elias and Mira beaten up until they tell the truth. The two had the chance to escape but not without facing the couple’s wrath. Thelma pointed her gun at Mira and threatened to kill the other kids if she leaves. Elias arrived to take the weapon from Thelma and let Mira run away. However, Elias was shot by Armand in the chest.

In the next scenes, the cops arrive to arrest Thelma while Armand gets shot and fights for his life. Meanwhile, Mira asks Bro to bestow Elias with a miracle. Apollo, Freya, Mikay and all the other kids are taken by social workers.

Mira then goes back to Hermoso with Elias. Watch out for Mira’s reunion with her sister Joy (Francine Diaz) and grandmother Barang (Sylvia Sanchez) and other gripping events in Hermoso in Huwag Kang Mangamba, weeknights, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.