10 times Mira and Joy displayed genuine sisterly love in Huwag Kang Mangamba

The recent episodes of Kapamilya teleserye Huwag Kang Mangamba are making viewers smile as lead characters Mira (Andrea Brillantes) and Joy (Francine Diaz) finally learn that they are real sisters. But even before the big reveal, the two have been inseparable and they cherished each other like true siblings, shown in this Kapamilya Toplist.

Mira and Joy used to be strangers who never really clicked, for the latter was too aloof towards other people. Yet, Mira did not think twice in helping Joy open up and gain new friends. When they were stranded at the old abandoned church during a storm, Mira noticed that Joy was scared and struggling to breathe. She soothed her anxiety by humming a lullaby her mom used to sing way back. Upon seeing that Joy wasn’t comfortable in sharing her thoughts, when asked what triggered her fear, Mira chose to be more patient and promised to listen in case Joy needs someone to talk to.

In another scene, Pio (Seth Fedelin) dropped by Mang Caloy (Soliman Cruz)’s barbershop and was surprised to see Joy helping in the clean up. Mira told Pio that she looks at Joy as her sister, and despite the temper, she knows Joy is big-hearted and thoughtful. Eavesdropping, Joy smiled in secret upon hearing the praises. Finally, someone believed in her goodness. She found the acceptance she’s longing for.

Their sisterhood was made in heavens and Bro Himself asked them to stick with each other as they take on a special mission of spreading His word. While on their mission for God, Joy and Mira also helped each other in looking for their moms, clueless that they were in search of the same person.

They have become closer since. Joy once invited Mira to their house while she was grounded. “Ako, Mira, pwede mo akong kapatid,” she told her. They bonded over art sessions and girly talks. Hearing the noise inside Joy’s room, Sofia (Alyanna Angeles) foraged for evidence so her older sibling would be scolded again. When Sofia was searching around, Joy saved Mira by pretending that she’s the one who sneezed. 

In another scene, Joy dropped by the barbershop to bring snacks for Mira. Mang Caloy smiled as he witnessed the display of genuine friendship and compassion. He reminded them to cherish each other because real friends who act like family are rare. “Sana lagi kayong ganyan, ’yung inaalalayan ang isa’t-isa, parang magkapatid,” he told them.

Another testament of Joy and Mira’s unbreakable sisterly bond is their confidence to open up to each other about anything including their crushes. There was a scene where they prepared snacks for the young boys helping out in the construction of the town’s church. Joy noticed Mira’s sweet concern towards Pio (Seth Fedelin). Later on, Mira admitted to Joy that she likes Pio. And giving in to the teases, Joy hinted at having feelings for Rafa (Kyle Echarri) as well.

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