10 times Joy moved us with her spiritual transformation in Huwag Kang Mangamba

Growing up not knowing her biological mother and being mistreated by her stepmom indeed took a toll on Joy, the Huwag Kang Magamba character compellingly portrayed by Francine Diaz. The traumas, loneliness, and bad experiences she went through in her younger years made her become rebellious and indifferent, as well as lose her faith in God.

But as the narrative continues to unfold, we’ve witnessed her transformation from being a rebel, apathetic, and agnostic, to being brave, kind-hearted, and faithful. And now that the well-loved series is now on its “The Healing Finale” week, let’s revisit the 10 instances when Joy was able to prove that anyone can change for the good in this episode of Kapamilya Toplist.

Since she had long turned her back at God, she refused to accept Mira’s (Andrea Brillantes) claim that it was divine intercession that brought them back to life after they were believed to have already died. As Mira consistently imposed to her the existence of God, this always triggered Joy, which ensued to their quarrels. She also questioned what makes Mira special among other people and challenged “Bro” to appear and talk to her for she had a lot of questions for Him, but to no avail.

As she obtained more information about her estranged biological mom Fatima (Dimples Romana), Joy found out that she actually never abandoned her, yet she loved her so much. This also helped her realize how Joy unconditionally loves her as she chose to see her in a good light and treated her well unlike her family, as well as how flawed yet worthy to be loved she is. This was when she asked for God’s forgiveness and her faith in Him was revived.

However, her journey back to being a believer had never been easy because of the snide remarks thrown at her by her family and the circumstances she got into. She questioned why God took away all the people that she loves, especially their mom whose death was already confirmed. This triggered her to go back to her old self and pick a fight with Mira.

But that didn’t last long as we saw how her faith was restored when the lives of Joy and their grandmother Barang (Sylvia Sanchez) were put in danger, as well as when she was already finding it hard to go on with her secret mission against her wicked stepmom Agatha (Mercedes Cabral) and her step-aunt Deborah (Eula Valdes). She may be losing hope and on the brink of surrendering, but she still chose to hold on to her faith and asked for His help and continuous guidance.

Aside from Mira and their allies, there was also Elias (Christopher de Leon) who reminded her that everything she went through in the past was God’s way of preparing her for and helping her conquer the challenges she has to confront at present.

For sure, a lot of people were able to relate with Mira’s faith journey as each of us certainly went through this phase. May we have learned a lot from her, take those lessons by heart and mind, as well as apply those in our lives.

Do not miss an episode of Huwag Kang Magamba’s “The Healing Finale Week,” this Friday November 12 on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live and A2Z Channel 11.