10 times Joy endured Deborah and Agatha’s wickedness in Huwag Kang Mangamba

Growing up estranged in her own home, Joy (Francine Diaz) used to long for a family whom she can experience genuine love with. Just as when she found out that Mira (Andrea Brillantes) is her sister; and Barang (Sylvia Sanchez), her grandmother, evil and suffering robbed them of their chances to live happily.

But Joy vowed to do whatever it takes to reunite with her family, even if it means suffering under the hands of the people who orchestrated their misery. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist rounding up the scenes where Joy swallowed hardships from Deborah (Eula Valdes) and Agatha (Mercedes Cabral) to be with her family again in the inspirational series Huwag Kang Mangamba.

Joy knows that Deborah and Agatha are behind Mira’s disappearance, as well as Barang’s transfer to a mental institution. If keeping her enemies close would help her find clues, then, Joy would pretend she’s on Deborah’s side again. She begged Deborah to take her in, on bended knees. But all she got was mockery.

In the next scene, Joy begged Deborah for forgiveness once again, in front of her devotees during a live healing session. She knew Deborah would feign mercy, otherwise, she would elicit doubt from her own disciples. Crying and kneeling, Joy looked like a sinner who humbled herself before Deborah, as if the latter was Lord.

Joy pulled off her first plan but it came with a price. She was asked to sleep in a dirty room full of junk. In that scene, she promised ‘Bro’ that she will never give up until she finds Mira and takes Barang back.

She was treated like a slave in Deborah’s house and punished for every mistake. When she accidentally ruined Sofia (Alyanna Angeles)’s favorite top, Joy received corporal punishment from her wicked stepmom and sister, resulting in a small wound on her face. There was also a scene where Rafa (Kyle Echarri) caught her washing Deborah’s car. She said she can manage and that her friends had nothing to worry about.

But the most awful punishment was kneeling on the floor with arms spread while Deborah repeatedly hit her with a staff. It was after Joy gave relief goods to Deborah’s non-believers. Joy cried out to Bro for help, which Deborah didn’t like. Deborah wanted Joy to worship her instead.

Joy was forced to treat Deborah like her master. She was asked to do everything for her, from combing the hair to putting on her shoes. Besides punishment and slavery, there are also instances of humiliation. There was a scene where Deborah poured water on Joy in front of a crowd, calling it an act of restoration.

Joy suffers as much under the hands of Deborah’s blind followers such as the doctor tasked to aggravate Barang’s mental condition. In a scene, Joy was locked up and hit by the doctor after she was caught trying to escape with Barang. But no matter how difficult, Joy will continue to fight for her family.

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