10 times Eva persevered, risked her life to fight for the truth in Huwag Kang Mangamba

With all the lies spread in the town of Hermoso, its people needed someone to help them uncover the truth. ‘Bro’ sent Eva (Mylene Dizon), the fearless investigative journalist who risked her safety, but never her morals, to fulfil her duties. In this Kapamilya Toplist from Huwag Kang Mangamba, we put the spotlight on Eva and the scenes that showed her persistence to expose the scandals, secrets, and abusive practices in Hermoso, and in the process help Mira (Andrea Brillantes) and Joy (Francine Diaz) in their mission for Bro.

Eva was first to publicly debunk Deborah (Eula Valdes)’s bogus miracles after the mystifying shower of rose petals at the latter’s healing dome. She went out of her way to unmask the real events. She interrogated the staff of a nearby flower shop, leading her to a van rental service that secretly delivers roses to Deborah’s healing center. Weaving the clues together, Eva knew how Deborah made the raining petals happen.  

She then interviewed Deborah about this, asking if the healer has her suppliers. Deborah said only she and God move together in making miracles. Eva smiled with sarcasm.

There was a time when Eva was ordered to take a pause, caught between her duties as a journalist and a Mayor’s wife. Eva was told her endless questions might also jeopardize her husband Miguel (RK Bagatsing), who is known as one of Deborah’s closest allies, and affect their child’s future. But no one could silence the woman, determined to dig deep even if she excavates her own husband’s skeletons. She said her job is to convey fairness and balance in her stories.

In a scene where Agatha (Mercedes Cabral) stopped her from interviewing Deborah’s devotees without their permission, Eva said she doesn’t need anyone’s go signal. Then, she hinted at the sisters’ mafia. That’s how she goes into a battle.

Eva was the one to figure out Mira and Joy’s relation to Barang (Sylvia Sanchez). She persevered to trace Fatima (Dimples Romana)’s paternity, leading her to the latter’s adoptive mom. Because of this, Eva was able to help Mira and Joy save Barang from an abusive mental institution bribed by Deborah, citing law that only an immediate family could decide for the patient.

Tough as she is, Eva didn’t let her own husband manipulate her. Miguel wanted her to turn a blind eye to his and Deborah’s evildoings for the sake of a complete family she’s always desired. But even her weakness can’t be used to crush her grit. She told Miguel that she’d rather let their child grow up without a father than be with a horrible one.

Miguel controlled Eva’s every move, treating her and their child like his prisoners.  Eva found the opportunity to escape when Miguel suffered from a shooting incident. Bringing her infant baby and with panic in her eyes, she sneaked inside a shipment truck bound outside of Hermoso. Then, she stayed in her former mother-in-law’s house.

Eva will never forget that night. Knowing that it would be impossible to pass through checkpoints without getting caught, her only hope was Bro. She prayed, her first time in many years, that Bro may keep her and her baby safe. He listened. That moment brought the fire back in her heart. It renewed her faith. She was convinced that God orchestrated everything, as if telling her it’s time to double down. She decided that she can do so much to help Mira and Joy in their mission.

What fate awaits Eva as she continues to carry out her purpose as Miss Exposé in Hermoso? Don’t miss the remaining episodes of inspirational series Huwag Kang Mangamba The Healing Finale on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z