10 scenes showing Joy and Sofia’s bitter sibling rivalry in Huwag Kang Mangamba

Former child stars Francine Diaz and Alyanna Angeles flex their acting muscles honed through the years as they give life to an intense sibling rivalry in Huwag Kang Mangamba. In this Toplist, we rounded up ten of their most firesome confrontations.   

One has an angelic beauty while the other is an alluring brat girl. Joy (Francine) and Sofia (Alyanna)’s differences go beyond physical appearance. They fight over all things especially their father Samuel (Diether Ocampo)’s approval, to the point of Sofia planting drugs on her innocent stepsister. It was the root of a heated argument during meal time upon their family’s arrival in Hermoso.

Sofia embarrassed Joy in front of their parents and Deborah (Eula Valdes by bringing up the party drug incident that caused her expulsion from school. Sofia felt privileged to spotlight Joy’s mistakes, making the latter look like a sinner. She, on the other hand, appeared immaculate.

But, it won’t take long for Joy to discover the truth. She learned that Sofia put the party drugs on her drink, leading to a physical confrontation and that climactic accident scene. Joy failed in her attempt to clear up her reputation because, just like in a classic fairy tale, there is an evil stepmom backing up her equally evil stepsister.

Joy’s resurrection would trigger Sofia even more. What we love about this rivalry is that the good one has the guts to clap back, and her responses are even feistier.

In the next scene, Joy was accused of faking her resurrection and told that she was probably healed by the devil. She killed Sofia’s ego with, “Eh, sino ba’ng bumuhay sa akin? ‘Di ba yung Tita mo?” Sofia doesn’t have to be that good in logic to understand what Joy meant.

Joy burned Sofia all the more by calling her ‘KSP.’ And when asked what it means, she replied, “Huwag kang magpanggap na hindi mo alam ibig sabihin, ah. Arte arte mo! Eh, noong bata ka pa, kapag umuulan, nagsi-swimming ka pa sa kanal!”

In another confrontation, Joy was annoyed with all the babbling about her rebel look, which allegedly ruins Sofia’s reputation at school. She doesn’t care. But she knew how to shut her sister’s mouth, just by telling her, “Parang lampas ‘yung lipstick mo.”

A flashback scene revealed one of Joy and Sofia’s most terrible fights. They went camping with their parents. Although she didn’t really feel at ease, Joy tried to behave for her father. Left alone as they search for signal, Sofia started to hurt Joy, who fought back and accidentally pushed her into a pit. Despite her explanation, Joy was condemned by Agatha, and even Samuel couldn’t do anything to defend her. She failed to hide her pain and anger. She said she feels like a stranger in her own home, wishing that Agatha and Sofia would be gone because they never made her feel loved and accepted.

The hate would stretch out to the people around them. They would despise each other’s friends. There was a scene wherein Joy chided Sofia for joining Rafa (Kyle Echarri)’s group. Then again, Sofia wouldn’t want to hear Joy’s opinion. 

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