10 scenes of Sofia as a wicked stepsister in Huwag Kang Mangamba

The wicked stepsister is a character we all hated during childhood. It seems we’re getting another taste of her ‘kontrabida’ schemes through Sofia (Alyanna Angeles), the attention-seeker, spoiled brat half-sister of Joy (Francine Diaz) and Mira (Andrea Brillantes) in Huwag Kang Mangamba. Check out this Kapamilya Toplist that rounds up Sofia’s ‘maldita’ scenes in the inspirational teleserye. 

Sofia will do anything to steal the spotlight from Joy even by pushing the latter into a rut of humiliation. Her attitude would crack without a warning such as when she stirred an argument during meal time after their family’s arrival at the town of Hermoso. Sofia served her aunt Deborah (Eula Valdes) a juicy revelation about Joy’s alleged involvement in a drug incident that caused her expulsion from school. Sofia made Joy look like a hopeless sinner while she appeared immaculate.

In the next scene, Sofia accused Joy of faking her resurrection, telling her that she was probably healed by the devil. Joy clapped back with, “Eh, sino ba’ng bumuhay sa akin? ‘Di ba ‘yung Tita mo?” When called KSP (kulang sa pansin), Sofia pretended that she doesn’t speak such language, to which Joy burned with, “Huwag kang magpanggap na hindi mo alam ibig sabihin, ah. Arte arte mo! Eh, noong bata ka pa, kapag umuulan, nagsi-swimming ka pa sa kanal!”

A flashback scene shows one of her most terrible fights with Joy. At a camping site, Sofia started to hurt Joy, who fought back to defend herself. She fell into a pit and played victim. When told to be careful whom she hangs out with, Sofia took Joy’s concern out of context and even called her names.

True to being KSP, Sofia can be the biggest backstabber all in the name of getting her crush’s attention. Desperate to win Rafa (Kyle Echarri), she made up lies about Joy’s attitude and pointed out the drug issue once again. In a virtual hang out with friends, Sofia made Joy appear like the worst person on earth. We wonder how she gets the confidence to say all these knowing she’s the mastermind behind Joy’s drug overdose.

Sofia also loves to make assumptions, in modern slang, ‘assumera.’ Take a look at that scene where she confronted Rafa for neglecting her, as if she’s a girlfriend that needed constant attention. It turned out she misunderstood Rafa’s invite as a romantic date when it was clearly just his way to spend time with Joy.

When rejected, she phoned their mom Agatha (Mercedes Cabral) to report Joy’s activities. Sofia twisted the truth, telling Agatha that Joy sneaked out of the house when it was really her idea to go out so she can be with Rafa. In another scene, Sofia warned her sister to keep away from Rafa, as if she has the right to act jealous.

The last scene shows Sofia trying to get inside Joy’s room to get something. But the truth is she was simply trying to stir conflict and take evidence of Joy’s suspicious activities. Sofia started to pull Joy’s hair, and it was witnessed by Mira, who was then hiding inside Joy’s room.

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