10 scenes of KyCine, SethDrea showing the kilig and joy of a blossoming young love in Huwag Kang Mangamba

Nothing beats the ‘feels’ of a blossoming friendship growing into youthful romance – the butterflies, smiles, and the thrill of trying to hide your feelings. Inspirational series Huwag Kang Mangamba lets us reminisce on the unforgettable sweetness of young love through the characters of Joy (Francine Diaz), Rafa (Kyle Echarri), Mira (Andrea Brillantes) and Pio (Seth Fedelin).

So in this Kapamilya Toplist, we rounded up the pairs’ most kilig moments to also remind us that love, despite the mess around us, remains the most beautiful thing in the world.

The video montage opens with Mira and Pio’s conversation about prayers and miracles. One thing we love about these tandems is they are wise beyond their years, thus the string of wisdom that binds them altogether. Although different in journeys, the four of them met at a place where faith blossoms.

In their first conversations, Mira and Pio would talk about their devotion to Bro. At that time, Pio was frustrated due to his mom’s sickness and he was starting to question God’s existence. Thankfully, Mira was there to remind him to count his blessings and wait for God’s perfect time. After all, He can defy the impossible.

They also talked about Mira’s search for her mother. That night, they went home together riding Pio’s bicycle. During the fundraising event for the construction of the town’s church, Pio helped Mira sell snacks. He had a minor burn from frying, so she was quick to soothe the injury and reminded him to be careful next time.

SethDrea shippers were all-smiles over that cute banter of Barang (Sylvia Sanchez) and Pio about the latter’s intention to make a move on Mira. In that scene, they found out that Pio was the mystery Samaritan leaving food outside Barang and Mira’s shelter. Barang teased Pio, assuming that he has a crush on Mira.

Joy and Rafa’s story is a classic enemies-to-friends trope and in their unguarded moments spark obvious attraction. The road to romance started when Rafa went to Joy’s house, hoping he can convince her to join the fundraising. Although the wicked stepsister Sofia (Alyanna Angeles) tried to get in the way, Rafa and Joy still had their moments.

We saw the telltale signs of a crush in Rafa – from the way he steals glances at Joy to his winsome ways of helping out. He was a total gentleman throughout the event. KyCine lovers sure squealed over that cute scene where Rafa asked Joy to accept his friend request. Joy said she doesn’t want to be friends with him but her smile told something else.

In an episode, the four of them had fun in a “sipa” session. Joy dared Rafa to a game and they all enjoyed one another’s company. Youthful ‘kilig’ was as strong in another scene where Joy and Mira offered snacks to Pio, Rafa, and their friends while helping out in the church’s construction. Joy and Mira had a secret girl talk about their feelings for Rafa and Pio, and we all couldn’t wait for more scenes and secret conversations that will make our hearts flutter.

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