10 scenes of Barang as a nurturing and sacrificial mother to Mira and Joy in Huwag Kang Mangamba

Inspirational drama series Huwag Kang Mangamba depicts the true measure of a mother’s love through the character of Barang (Sylvia Sanchez). Her mental illness is never a hindrance to her ability to love, nurture, understand, and make sacrifices. In this Kapamilya Toplist, watch how Barang creates a special home for Joy (Francine Diaz) and Mira (Andrea Brillantes) as their mother figure.

Like a real mother, Barang is there to soothe Joy and Mira’s pain and take care of their scrapes and bruises. When Joy went to their place wounded from Agatha (Mercedes Cabral)’s abuse, Barang took her in, at least for that night.

She might be an object of ridicule due to her mental illness but insulting words will never take away Barang’s courage to provide for Mira and Joy’s needs. She was happy to finally have a regular job. She would no longer be scavenging. More so, she was proud to make Mira and Joy happy. “Kapag masaya si Mira at Joy, masaya rin si Barang” she said while praying to Bro.

While on duty, Barang told the other employees that she’s working hard to meet her daughters’ needs. She was saving up to buy Mira her dream mobile phone. She also wants to serve them good food each time.

In a scene, Barang woke up earlier to prepare Joy and Mira’s breakfast. She was very accommodating and caring. Their place may be small but it was a happy home, thanks to Barang’s motherly love. Finally, Joy also felt how it’s like to be accepted and taken care of.

Barang rejoiced because of the good news that Mira and Joy are real sisters. And like a true mom, she can sense pain in silence. There was a scene where she noticed the sadness in Joy’s eyes despite the latter trying to hide the truth. She wiped her tears and told her to be happy because Bro made a way to bring her and Mira together.

Barang will go to extreme lengths to protect her daughters even if it means putting her own life in danger. She boldly stormed to Deborah (Eula Valdez)’s healing center upon hearing the latter badmouthing Mira. People ganged up on her but Barang wasn’t scared to defend her kids. A mother will take stones for her children.

When she was fired from work after an accusation, Barang was broken not for herself but for her daughters. She apologized to Mira and Joy, worried about how she’d be able to meet their needs. “Babalik na lang sa pangangalakal si Barang. Sorry, ha?” she told them.

Her love for Mira and Joy has brought her into so much danger and pain but nothing can make her love them any less.

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