10 scenes of Agatha as an evil stepmom in Huwag Kang Mangamba

We hated the character of evil stepmother when we were kids. Reminiscent of that, we can feel the intense ‘gigil’ all over again, this time towards Agatha (Mercedes Cabral), Joy (Francine Diaz)’s wicked stepmom in Huwang Kang Mangamba. We rounded up ten scenes of Agatha that will kill off your chill.

Agatha’s choices tell so much about how evil she can get. First, she seduced Samuel (Diether Ocampo), leading up to a one-night stand and her eventual pregnancy despite knowing his marital status. She confronted Fatima (Dimples Romana) and fabricated a story about the ‘affair.’ Her lies crushed her rival’s heart and she was so satisfied.  

With a bun in the oven, it was easy for her to break Samuel and Fatima apart and convince him to build a new family with her.

Agatha can even kill when triggered. She murdered Fatima when the latter tried to reunite with then-little Joy. Since everyone assumed that Fatima died in a past explosion, it became easily convenient for Agatha to conceal the crime with the help of her sister Deborah (Eula Valdez). It all transpired while Joy was locked inside a closet – a punishment that extends until Joy’s adolescence.

Agatha is a two-faced villain. She acts ‘pa-victim’ when Samuel is around, telling him that Joy disrespects her at all times. She would feign cordiality towards the kid. And to double the ‘gigil,’ Sofia (Alyanna Angeles) loves to intrude and back up her mother’s lies. This young villain has been trained well. Together, Agatha and Sofia would gang up on Joy, and even Samuel is easily fooled.

Agatha once demanded Joy to speak up onstage during Deborah’s rally. She forced her to make up stories that will boost Deborah’s image as a miracle-worker. She feigned kindness towards Joy to make herself a little less guilty.  

Threatened, Agatha also asked Joy to monitor Mira (Andrea Brillantes) activities and discredit the latter’s testimonies about God in exchange of Barang (Sylvia Sanchez)’s release. Joy was unfortunately manipulated.

When Joy started to ask questions about her biological mom, Agatha’s underhand drama turned out to be useful. She scolded Joy and narrated how much pain Fatima has caused Samuel. She said Samuel could’ve been trapped in that heartbreaking phase if not for her effort to help him move on. She also asked Joy to keep silent if she really loves her father. But the truth is Agatha is just scared to bring up the haunting past.

The viciously evil Agatha is determined to get rid of Joy and Mira, knowing these two are threats to Deborah’s alleged divine powers. She has gone too far as manipulating Samuel into believing that Mira and Joy conspired to deceive people.

What else can Agatha do for selfish gains? Don’t miss an episode of Huwang Kang Mangamba on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.