10 inspiring scenes of Caloy that showed his mission to love and serve in Huwag Kang Mangamba

It has been a night of grief for avid viewers of Huwag Kang Mangamba as Mang Caloy (Soliman Cruz) died, bringing with him the still unspoken truth about Mira (Andrea Brillantes) and Joy (Francine Diaz)’s relation to each other. As Caloy bids farewell, let us look back on the legacy he left – the good deeds, inspiration he gave, and all the lives he touched – via this Kapamilya Toplist from the drama series Huwag Kang Mangamba.

We have known Caloy as the jolly and doting father to Darling (Angeline Quinto). While he’s supportive of her big dreams, he was also happy just living a simple and contented life. He carried out his mission, which is to raise Darling into a God-fearing woman and serve others. He knew that whatever happens, he can be proud of how he became an instrument of light, kindness, love, and faith in God.

Mira’s was among the many lives he touched. He alongside Barang (Sylvia Sanchez) was the sole witness to her miraculous resurrection and he was among the first people to believe in her stories. He opened the doors of his barber shop for Mira by hiring her as a helper despite her disability. Caloy resonated with the stranger’s pure heart and soon they would grow close like a family.

He also carved his name in Barang’s heart as one of the few people to understand her condition. He was there when Barang was sent to jail. He promised Barang that he will be there when needed.

Anyone is welcome in his small place as long as he could be of help. Caloy is also appreciated for his leadership by being the patriarch of their small group. He proved that legacy is never measured just by wealth and tangible things but through a person’s character and faith. The people of Hermoso will remember him through his small charitable acts such as giving assistance to typhoon victims. He helped his team organize a community pantry.

The town of Hermoso witnessed his humility. He never took credit but rather instilled the value of teamwork. In a scene, he kept on taking the spotlight on Mira as the brains behind their donation drive.

The old man respects Joy and Mira’s decisions. He values their opinion even if he knows better, thus creating mutual respect. In a scene, he didn’t ask Mira and Joy to pay for breaking a thing inside his barber shop. All he ever wanted was for them to get along.

In one of his last conversations with his daughter, Caloy mused on being so blessed for having Darling and his wife. He said she’s the only treasure he needed in his pursuit of happiness on earth. 

Even in death, Caloy is honored for the heroic deed of donating his kidney organ to extend Rebecca (Matet de Leon)’s life. But how will the loss affect Mira and Joy’s journey? How will the faith healer Deborah (Eula Valdes)’s sham be revealed now that Caloy died?  

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