Mira and Pio Kilig Toplist

Even as she faced and endured her cruel existence at a very young age, Mira (Andrea Brillantes) chose to look and savor all the blessings that come her way.

Amidst her difficult journey, her solid faith in “Bro” keeps her strong and hopeful in overcoming the worst ordeals. As she meets people in her faithful journey, there are those make her truly happy and live life to the fullest. One of them is Pio (Seth Fedelin), who has brought immense joy and support to Mira.

Let’s look back at those heartwarming kilig moments on Huwag Kang Mangamba that thrilled SethDrea fans to no end.

First, we see Mira showing much concern over Pio getting slightly hurt as they tend a small eatery. As she “blew” the hurt away, their stares reveal their growing fondness for one another. Then, as Mira was searching for her missing “Mama B,” or Aling Barang (Sylvia Sanchez), who else could help her in her painstaking quest but Pio.  But after taking a short break from their search, and Mira was alighting from Pio’s bike, the handsome lad unwittingly held her hand, making fans scream in kilig.

Pio then showed his generosity and graciousness in giving food for Mira and Barang, which hints at a possible courtship. In another encounter, Mira again showed her concern towards Pio, who had been visibly tired working at the church construction site, another sign of her developing affection. She then finally declares liking Pio for his admirable traits.

As Mira was recovering from an illness, Pio wanted to know if she was already well. And as he asked Joy (Francine Diaz) about Mira’s condition, Mira would emerge to his delight and astonishment, revealing how much he truly feels for her. The same concern Pio showed as Mira went to the construction site. After getting mesmerized by seeing Mira, Pio approached her to make sure she had recovered from her fever.

Their liking for each other has gotten the attention of Joy and Rafa (Kyle Echarri), who both asked them what the real score is. Yes, indeed there is something brewing between them, since they could not keep their eyes off each other. After Pio treated Mira with some snacks, he provided a listening ear to her concerns about Fr. Seb (Enchong Dee), and assured her that everything will be alright.

Then, Pio suddenly gave Mira a warm embrace as she saw her in the church construction site. Pio’s father Tomas (Dominic Ochoa) apologized to Mira and explained that his son was just so excited after hearing the news that a notice of violation against the construction has been withdrawn.

And, as Pio saw Mira again after some time away from each other, he asked her to pinch him to make him realize that it was not a dream. While Pio noticed Mira had looked different since he last saw her and that a lot of changes had happened in Hermoso, he said he was still happy nothing has changed between them.

Get those kilig feels once again watching Mira and Pio’s endearing moments together on Huwag Kang Mangamba.

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