The young stars of Huwag Kang Mangamba look back on their most unforgettable happenings on the set

Inspirational series Huwag Kang Mangamba showed that the youth, although in need of guidance, also has an important role in a religious community just as how the Ekis squad was so involved in pushing change in the fictitious town of Hermoso. The Ekis gang – Renshi De Guzman, Margaux Montana, Raven Rigor, Kyle Velino, and Ashton Salvador with Alyanna Angeles – look back on their most unforgettable happenings on the set and play exciting games for the fans in this episode of Kapamilya Chat.

The bunch of promising young stars is overwhelmed with the privilege of working with acting luminaries and The Gold Squad – Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, Kyle Echarri, and Seth Fedelin. They have nothing but good words for the quartet, so much so it’s a struggle to think of just one that describes each of them. They said The Gold Squad gives off happy ‘tropa’ vibes off-cam but are real professionals on the set.

Ashton was kind of speechless when asked about Francine, then, settled for “masayang katrabaho,” enough to spark ‘kilig’ among AshCine shippers. He said the warm reception about their chemistry is a surprise to him.

Alyanna, who played Francine’s half-sister, shared that they’re buddies in real life even if their roles required a ton of ‘bangayan’ scenes. They love to chat and laugh together but they also know when to get serious during takes.

While she only had limited scenes with Andrea, Alyanna is amazed by how Andrea brings out something new in every scene. Margaux added that she was nervous to act alongside Andrea at first “kasi ang galing niya” but she eventually got more comfortable around her.

Kyle, for them, is focused, talented, and also the life of the ‘barkada.’ They described Seth as ‘makulit,’ ‘magulo,’ and ‘laugh trip.’ He loves to crack punchlines just before the camera starts rolling, hence the struggle to avoid bloopers. Thankfully, they manage to get through a take without laughing.

Take, for instance, the recent scene where Deborah (Eula Valdes) ordered her devotees to burn the Ekis’ hideout. While everyone was in panic and ducking down to the floor, Alyanna and Margaux suddenly caught each other’s eyes and were tempted to laugh. But no one would want to ruin such an intense scene, so they just giggled in secret. Raven had the same experience with Matet de Leon giving him funny reactions during a take.

Another scene making it to Alyanna’s list of favorites is her confrontation with Agatha (Mercedes Cabral) after learning the latter’s involvement in Pio (Seth)’s abduction. As someone not used to raising her voice, Alyanna had to step out of her comfort zone to express her character’s frustration, disappointment, and anger. She’s glad that Mercedes was very supportive throughout, even holding her hand while she’s preparing for the scene.

In mounting such drama-heavy encounters, Alyanna keeps in mind her Tita Angel Locsin and other co-stars’ advice to keep the connection. “Kung sino ‘yung ka-eksena mo, interact with them na parang magme-merge kayo into one energy.”

She felt it was a challenge to keep up with the veterans around her like Eula. She also had the chance to talk with Mylene Dizon, who told her that acting is give and take, “Maging sensitive. Hindi ‘yung puro ako lang sa eksena. Dapat kung ano ‘yung lines ng ka-eksena ko, iintindihin ko rin.”

Alyanna is happy with her character Sofia’s change of heart. From an entitled teen that hurts others just because she’s also hurting, Sofia has renewed her faith in Bro, the real God and not her pseudo saint aunt Deborah. She’s now with Joy (Francine) and the Ekis Gang, helping in their mission in Hermoso.

Kyle and Ashton’s characters entered the latter part of the show and they’re grateful still for the warm reception they’re getting. They’re also happy with their characters’ transition from Deborah’s devotees to becoming Ekis members. One of Kyle’s favorite scenes is when he and Ashton ran away from Deborah and appeared at the Ekis headquarters to declare their allegiance to the squad. Although, every scene is memorable, especially those that gather the powerhouse cast altogether.

Ashton is overwhelmed with working with veterans including Christopher de Leon on his first teleserye stint, although he was intimidated at first. He got the chance to ask questions to Dominic Ochoa and Sylvia Sanchez as well.

Kyle calls it a win-win situation, honored to be part of a series that gathered some of the industry’s finest and at the same time learn from them. Besides the work experience, they will also miss the off-cam bonding moments. Kyle shared that even the seniors are approachable, very welcoming, and willing to help.

Asked about their takeaways from the show, Alyanna learned that we all fight different battles, thus the different ways of coping. She added that while feelings are valid, one must think twice of the consequences of how emotions are expressed. And at the end of the day, nothing works better in fighting your problems than prayers.

Talking more about prayers, Ashton spoke to his fellow youth and reminded them to keep their communication with Bro instead of using too much social media. Kyle is glad that Huwag Kang Mangamba helped viewers and even the actors realize what really matters during these challenging and distracting seasons.

Raven added that Bro sends the right people to help you navigate life. For Renshi and Margaux, it’s about realizing that Bro is a God of endless chances and forgiveness so it’s not too late to come back to Him.

To end the interview, the guest artists took on the “Bukingan Challenge” where they named who’s who among the Huwag Kang Mangamba cast. They said Seth and Renshi are the most energetic, Margaux is their TikTok Queen. Raven, Seth, and Dominic are the source of laughter. Alyanna and Sylvia Sanchez are voted as the most generous aka “mahilig manlibre.

The boys are the “pinakamatakaw.” Ashton owned up to his bloopers especially when Christopher de Leon is around. He’s so nervous that sometimes he messes up with his lines. When that happens, the senior stars are there to guide him.

For the second round, the group dared to play the “Squad Games: Susuko o Lalaban Challenge” where they shared their thoughts about love as they reacted to different relationship scenarios.

Ekis squad invited viewers to watch how they will continue to help Hermoso win its battle of faith in Huwag Kang Mangamba The Healing Finale on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z.

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