Huwag Kang Mangamba Finale Review

The last episode of Huwag Kang Mangamba indeed stayed true to its tagline “The Healing Finale” as it delivered remedy both to the characters and viewers. However, before we’re able to witness how various relationships the events leading to its touching and uplifting conclusion were truly chaotic and nerve-racking.

Just when everybody thought that Hermoso was able to finally attain peace when it was reported that Deborah (Eula Valdes) was killed while in jail, Joy (Francine Diaz) was appalled to see her in the cemetery as they laid Elias (Christopher de Leon) to rest. But she just shook it off and assumed that it was only her illusion.

But they were all shocked upon finding out through a viral video that she’s still alive and freely roaming around the town. It only got confirmed when she appeared in front of them disguised as a handicapped beggar and treacherously stabbed Mira (Andrea Brillantes) in the stomach as they attempted to dig her grave. At the same time, a riding-in-tandem ambushed Miguel (RK Bagatsing), but his younger brother Rafa (Kyle Echarri) saved him by turning himself into a human shield. It was later on found out that it was Deborah who ordered it and that her death was just staged.

Besides, Eva (Mylene Dizon) and the townsfolk of Hermoso were able to uncover the involvement of Miguel in the deaths of Mang Caloy (Soliman Cruz) and Agatha (Mercedes Cabral), as well as that he’s gay and used to have a relationship with Diego (Rafael Rosell). Thinking that Eva had something to do with it, he attempted to kill her. But upon discovering that his assumption was false and that Deborah was still alive, this drove him nuts and attacked the doctor in-charge of her when she was rushed to the hospital, as well as her believers flocked at her healing dome.

Tomas (Dominic Ochoa) and Rafa were able to stop him from executing his bloody revenge against Deborah and made him realize that it’s not the right way of attaining justice he wanted for Simon (Nonie Buencamino). What further brought him back to his senses was the video of their grandfather that they’re able to retrieve from his phone, in which Simon expressed his apologies and love for both Miguel and Rafa.

Meanwhile, Deborah tried to regain her power again by strengthening her army and forcing non-believers to worship her through violence. They even tried to murder Mira and Joy and their allies by attacking them at their hideout, but the police officers were able to arrive just in time to stop them. However, Deborah was able to escape, while one of her henchmen were able to gun down Miguel.

That night, Deborah went back to the healing dome, so were Mira and Joy. They tried to persuade her to believe again in God and to repent for all her crimes and wrongdoings, but to no avail. Unfortunately, she had remained indignant and threatened to end their lives by throwing a grenade at them. 



Because of the intense prayers of their Lola Barang (Sylvia Sanchez) and their allies outside the dome, they were saved by “Bro” and were even given the chance to be reunited with their late mom Fatima (Dimples Romana) in what seemed to be “heaven.” She reminded them how much she loves both of them and to remain faithful even though it will take long for them to be together again. Deborah was able to witness it and in utter disbelief angrily insisted on the face of Jesus Christ that she’s the only God. She was arrested and later on revealed to be sent in a mental institution.



Aside from being given another chance to live together, Mira and Joy were also proven to be full-blooded sisters after Eva was able to confirm via DNA test and a relative of them that they’re indeed born to same parents. As she decided to permanently reside in Hermoso, Eva invited them to live with her, her and Miguel’s son, and Rafa at the new house she bought.

Apart from being able to put a halt on the wickedness of Deborah, they’re able to fulfill their promise to “Bro” rekindling the faith of the townsfolk of Hermoso in God as everyone pushes for the reconstruction of their church.

We were also able to see different reunions – Miguel with his family, Darling (Angeline Quinto) with Carrie (Renz Aguilar) and the Estopacio Family via video call, Fidel (Allan Paule) with his son Hans (Renshi de Guzman) and Diana (Anna Feo), and Emily (Jane de Leon) with her family – second shot on relationships through Diego and his son, as well as new life through Carrie and his family who are about at a more decent home.



But what arguably touched us the most was the one-on-one conversation of Barang with “Bro,” as she thanked Him for reuniting her with her family and for giving her the people that helped her and her granddaughters. She also asked her to take good care of her daughter Lucia (a.k.a. Fatima) and embrace her for while they’re still apart.

Surprisingly, Bro exposed Himself to Barang to thank her for her unwavering faith and for being consistently kind despite everything that happened to her. Tears surely roll down our cheeks as she expressed in return how much she understood and appreciated all the things that Bro had done to her, as well as how much she adores Him unconditionally.



They were also dumbfounded to see the grave of Elias got dug, making us wonder more about his identity. Meanwhile Mira, Joy, and Sofia (Alyanna Angeles) got reunited with their dad Samuel (Diether Ocampo). In the end, we’re able to witness the poignant moment if Joy and Mira with Bro for one last time.



The compelling performances of the cast

Everyone in the cast of Huwag Kang Mangamba indeed shone throughout its eight-month run – from the neophytes and young lead stars up to the seasoned and the veteran actors. They all did a great job in portraying their respective roles, as if those were made really for them, without overpowering the others. What we only saw were their chemistry with and how they complement one another, making the narrative more felt by the viewers.

However, we’re able to further witness the intensity of their acting in the last remaining episodes of the series, where emotions were on the extremes and most of the scenes were nail-biting and heart-wrenching. We saw the versatility and chemistry of RK and Mylene, as well as of the four young lead stars Francine, Kyle, Andrea, and Seth, who all astonished us with their dramatic chops. Of course, it’s definitely impossible to miss the performances of Eula and Sylvia, as they took on roles that they have not done before.

The well-written script and impressive execution of the scenes should not be missed as well, so kudos to its pool of talented writers David Diuco, Hazel Madanguit-Uychiat, China Gabriel, Li Candelaria, and Andrian Legaspi, and brilliant directors Emmanuel Palo, Darnel Joy Villaflor, Jerry Lopez-Sineneng, and Ram Tolentino.

Dreamscape Entertainment is truly commendable for being able to mount this kind of production in the midst of pandemic, where there are restrictions and health and safety protocols that must be observed.

Tweets from netizens

A lot of netizens and fans of the actors were apparently moved and satisfied by “The Healing Finale” as the topics “#HKMTheHealingFinale”, “Francine Diaz”, “Andrea Brillantes”, “KyCineTheHKMFinale”, “Pio Estopacio”, “Seth Fedelin”, and “SethDrea” made it to the top trending topics in the Philippines on Twitter.

They tweeted their praises to the cast and production staff and crew for this remarkable masterpiece and imparted their takeaways from the inspirational drama, which zero on forgiveness, staying hopeful, and keeping the faith. Here are some of the tweets we’re able to garner: