Inspiring lines from Huwag Kang Mangamba that will definitely lift your spirits up and warm your hearts!

Now that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic and other terrible circumstance that came with it, ABS-CBN’s newest primetime series Huwag Kang Mangamba definitely arrived at the right time.

As we continue to go on with life and fight various battles either internally and externally, it’s really important for us to hear words that would renew our strength, restore our faith, and encourage us during these trying times – which the show is able to provide just on its first few episodes.

Thus, in order to help you reflect and have a meaningful observance of Lenten season this year, here are some of the heart-warming and soul-enriching lines from the well-loved inspirational series. 


(0:32-1:15) Prologue: “Sabi nila, ang buhay ng tao, puno ng pag-iisa. Pinanganak at mamamatay tayo nang walang kasama. Pero hindi tayo ginawa ng Diyos para mabuhay mag-isa. Binigyan Niya tayo ng pamilya para may makasama, para pangalagaan, para mahalin nang higit pa sa buhay natin. Pamilyang kasama sa saya at lungkot, sa pagsubok at tagumpay, ang magpaparamdam sa atin ng tunay na pag-ibig ng Diyos, na hindi tayo nag-iisa.”

Just on its opening scene, Huwag Kang Mangamba already captivated us not only with how intense it was, but with the prologue spoken by veteran actress Sylvia Sanchez, who was later on revealed the role of the mentally-challenged homeless woman Barang.

This is a great reminder that even though there are times that we feel like we’re alone and unloved, there are people who certainly care for and unconditionally love us – our families. But sometimes, family isn’t only through blood connection because it can also be found in our friends and other people around us who treat us like family.

Just like Fatima (Dimples Romana) who was really scared to death as a group of armed men hunted her down the dark forest. Afraid that she would lose the child in her womb after everything she went through and having to give birth all by herself. But God made His presence felt by granting her fervent prayer of letting her baby live. And as we all know, a community center helped them have a brand-new start.


(4:26-4:36) Mira to Barang: “Hindi ko naman po kailangang makita ang isang bagay para paniwalaan. Kasi ang importante, randam ko rito (points at heart).”

As newfound friends Mira (Andrea Brillantes) and Barang get to know each other, the latter was curious how the former would be able to recognize her mother since she doesn’t have the sense of sight. But Mira told her that she doesn’t need to see how she looks like, as long as she feels her presence.

And it’s indeed true because there are things in life that aren’t visible with the naked eye, yet could only be felt – such as genuine love.


(2:08-2:35) Father Seb to Mira: “Alam mo ba na isa sa pinakamalaking misteryo sa pananampalataya natin ay ‘yong pagkamatay at muling pagkabuhay ni Hesus. Pero kasi, ‘yan ang plano ng Diyos para sa anak Niya. Pero ito ang Mabuting Balita – bawat isa sa atin, may plano ang Panginoong Diyos at responsibilidad natin na alamin kung ano gagampanan natin sa napakalaking plano ng Panginoon.”

Being dead for some minutes due to a hit-and-run incident she got involved in, Mira was still bewildered on how she’s able to get back to life in spite of the fatal injury she acquired. Thus, Father Seb (Enchong Dee) simply explained to her that God certainly has a reason why He allowed that to happen.

There are some points in our lives when we question God why He let things happen in our lives, just like at present. But we should keep in mind that everything happens for a reason that only Him knows. We may not fully understand it now yet, but rest assured that He will reveal it when the right time comes. And while we wait for His plans for us to finally unravel, we should do things that would help us find or uncover our purpose in life, such as doing things that would help us improve ourselves.


(1:13-1:25) Mira to Joy: “Alam mo, Joy, ang totoong pananampalataya ay ‘yong nananalig ka. ‘Yong kahit nauubusan ka na ng rason para maniwala, alam mong hindi ka Niya pababayaan.”

With all the sufferings and heartbreaking experiences she’s been going through, Joy (Francine Diaz) couldn’t help but question the realness of God. Thus, Mira reminded her that genuine faith means completely putting her trust on Him that He would never abandon nor forsake her even though she’s already losing hope.

Just like Joy, we may also have gone through a lot of struggles and hurdles in life that absolutely challenged our faith in Him. But as long as we deeply believe in Him and His divine capabilities to provide everything we need and help us surpass whatever challenges we are going thorugh.


(3:48-4:01) Mira to Joy: “Alam mo, laging sinasabi sa’kin ng nanay ko, lahat ng ito may dahilan. Kung minsan nga lang hindi natin nakukuha ang sagot. Pero darating ‘yong sagot sa tamang panahon.”

As Joy still strongly rejects the idea of miracles or “himala” that her Aunt Deborah (Eula ValdeS) and Mira imbue to the people of Hermoso, she couldn’t help but confront Mira about it. She told her that if God really exists, then why does He let their town remain in poverty, why does He let people to get fooled by Deborah, and why does He let her lose her mom and live a troublesome life.

Astonished by what she had said, Mira relayed to her what her mom used to remind her – that God has a reason why He allows things to happen in our lives. We may not know it yet at present, but He would surely give us the answers to our questions when the time is already right. We only need to hold on and continue believing in Him.


(4:33-5:05) “Bro” to Mira: “Huwag kang mangamba. Hindi kita pababayaan…Mangyayari ang lahat sa sino mang may pananampalataya. Tinatawag kita Mira, tulungan mo ang iyong kapwa at ibahagi mo ang pananampalataya sa kanila.”

Distraught and disheartened by how the townsfolks maltreated her, Mira couldn’t help but break down and question “Bro” on what His real purpose is in taking her to this situation. Much to her surprise, she suddenly heard His voice and felt His touch.

And these words He uttered are indeed what we really need during these times. He assured that He would not forsake her and that He would fulfill His promises to those who remain faithful in Him. At the same time, we should also do our part in making His goodness and grace be felt by other people by reaching out to them and helping restore their faith.

We may not be able to observe the Holy Week just like how we did in the previous years because of the pandemic, but this should not hinder us from rekindling our faith to the One who sacrificed His life to save mankind. Have a blessed Holy Week, Kapamilya!