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  • Monday - Friday after Pamilya Sagrado
Xyriel Manabat Tattoo

She may be one of the most popular actresses of her generation, and even of the entire local entertainment industry, but there are still a lot of things that we certainly do not know yet about High Street star Xyriel Manabat. And one of them is that she has a tattoo, and it’s a meaningful one!

We probably haven’t noticed yet, but she actually has a minimalist skeletal front view of a bicycle inked on her left upper arm. She explained that the pedal represents the ups and downs of life, while its wheels symbolize the so-called “wheel of life.”

Xyriel imparted that her decision to have that tattoo happened instantaneously, as her initial plan was to only have ear piercings. But she and someone who’s probably a friend of hers couldn’t pursue their plan to undergo ear piercings together, so she decided to get a tattoo instead, along with the four thermal piercings on her chest. 

She further divulged that it wasn’t actually the original design that she wanted, as her initial choices included a dandelion but she couldn’t decide where to place it. She was thinking of a spot where she would have it inked since she wanted it to be somewhere unnoticeable, but she later realized that it was still visible. Regardless, she obviously feels happy and satisfied with it, as seen in this ent.abs-cbn.com exclusive video!

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