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  • Monday - Friday after Pamilya Sagrado
Bag Raid with Andrea Brillantes

Andrea Brillantes has the makings of a Girl Scout – she’s always prepared for any situation, whether that be an adventure or emergency.

That’s what we discovered about her in a recent ‘What's In My Bag’ video courtesy of ent.abs-cbn.com where the “High Street” lead star rummaged through her trusty taping backpack and revealed the items she carries with her – and boy does she bring a lot of essentials! After all, she never knows where the day will take her.

Let’s begin with the bag’s exterior, which is adorned with a cute keychain gifted by her best friend’s sibling. Moving on to the pockets, one contains her contact lens solution, while another holds sunscreen. And for those times when she isn't wearing contacts, she keeps her eyeglasses close at hand. No oily skin or bad breath for our girl! She's always prepared with oil-blotting papers and mints conveniently stored in her bag’s tiny compartment.

Here’s a pro tip we learned from this bag raid: keeping your things in individual pouches will make your life easier. No more mess and digging inside your bag when looking for one item – saves your precious time!

One pouch is dedicated to her makeup essentials, mostly from her beauty brand – we call this her ultimate ‘kikay’ kit. She also makes sure to bring her hairbrush to achieve sleek hairstyles.

The on-the-go gal takes her skincare regimen seriously; thus, she brings a mini container with facial wash and skin products packed in travel-size bottles. And like the caring mother hen of the group, she keeps a medicine case handy for emergencies.

And to prove she’s the most organized lady out there, she keeps a small envelope for important documents and items like her passport. It’s a must-have wherever she goes, even on spontaneous trips abroad!

She also fished out a pack of chocolates from her bag, a must-have for that extra boost of energy. Alongside them, she always carries her two cell phones and a power bank. Andrea’s wallets contain trinkets, including a dainty accessories case and a religious item she bought in Spain.

And if you're wondering why she is always prepared like a Girl Scout with all these essentials, it's because she once watched a documentary about people stranded in unexpected places. Since then, the fearful thought of what if it happens to her has never left her mind, so she makes sure to carry complete items for survival.

“Kahit saan ako dalhin, pwede akong lumaban basta dala ko ‘tong bag na ‘to,” she laughed.

Just like Andrea in real life, her on-screen character Sky Love Cruz in "High Street" is 'laging handa'.

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