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Fun Facts and More: Gela Atayde

When was the last time you answered the pages of a slam book? While it asks simple questions, it's a fun way of getting to know your friends, plus you get loads of ‘kilig’ and intrigue when you reach the cheesier questions like “define love.” Since it lets you get up close with someone, at BFF level, we thought it would be great to ask Gela Atayde to go through the Celebrity Slambook. Here, we learned about her first audition, motto, role models, favorites, and more.

Her full name is Maria Angela Campo Atayde, but she’s affectionately called Gela by family and friends. She was born on June 20, 2002, which makes her a Gemini. At 21 years old, she embodies the versatile and energetic spirit typical of her star sign.

Gela’s favorite color is pink, which reflects her vibrant and fun personality. When it comes to food, she loves chicken nuggets, a comfort food that’s as delightful and easygoing as she is. Her favorite song is "MAPA" by SB19, a testament to her being a dedicated ‘A’tin.’

Theme parks are her go-to vacation spots. Gela’s hobbies include dancing, acting, singing in the shower, creative writing, and doing production work. This rising star has multifaceted interests! She has a special talent for sports and is very competitive in various games.

Gela’s ambition is to be successful in life, and by successful, she means finding peace within herself and knowing that she can achieve all her dreams. She aspires to land an action role, inspired by Jennifer Lawrence’s portrayal in “The Hunger Games.” Her motto, “You can do all the big scary things that your mind says no to, but your heart flutters at,” perfectly encapsulates her courageous and determined spirit.

When asked to describe herself, Gela said, “I sound maarte pero, promise, jologs ako,” highlighting her down-to-earth nature despite the misconceptions. She defined love as “perfect in its own ways,” emphasizing that what’s perfect to her might not be perfect to everyone else, and love is also about reciprocating.

Her first audition was for her school dance team at Saint Pedro Poveda College. Recently, she had an unforgettable fangirl moment with SB19, having followed their career for a long time. She’s particularly excited about the upcoming SB19 documentary film and cherishes the memory of SB19’s Justin being her prom date in “Senior High.

In the world of showbiz, her first friends were Miles Ocampo, Igiboy Flores, John Manalo, Andrea Brillantes, the young stars of the inspirational drama “Mga Anghel na Walang Langit,” where her mom, Sylvia Sanchez, was part of the cast. Among them, Andrea was the closest to her growing up, almost like a sister.

Gela looks up to her brother, Arjo Atayde, as her primary role model. She admires his dedication and passion for the arts, which they both share. She also admires her “High Street” co-stars Xyriel Manabat and Zaijian Jaranilla, whom she has loved watching since their child star days.

Catch Gela and some of your favorite Kapamilya child stars, now all grown up, in “High Street,” which airs weeknights on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, TV5, and A2Z.