Vivoree Esclito share thoughts on happiness, love, and bullying

While many are arguably amused with her He’s Into Her character Melissa “Ysay” Baylon, we’re equally amazed by the wit and wisdom Vivoree Esclito exhibited in this “Serious Convo with Vivoree” video uploaded recently in the official YouTube channel of Star Cinema.

The initial part is comprised of questions that require her personal thoughts. Even though she’s admired for her impeccable singing voice, not to mention that one of her covers has already raked in millions of views, she still yearns to further improve her vocal talent.

With regards to her idea of happiness, she said that it would be making other people happy, yet at the same time, she sees her being a total people-pleaser as the trait she possesses that she doesn’t like the most.

When it comes to her “greatests”, Vivoree confessed that her greatest fear are spiders, especially the big ones. They used to be her favorites as a kid, until she got bitten by one. While she doesn’t have any regret because she highly believes that everything happens for a reason, her greatest achievement is being able to buy a car for her family that made their travels and errands a lot easier.

As seeing a lot of dogs on her social media feed made her badly want to have her own, she imparted that the first time she caught sight of her golden retriever puppy Percy is the memory that instantly makes her smile. On the other hand, the thing that instantly offends her are liars who don’t feel guilty nor say sorry even though they tell lies right at your face.

Since He’s Into Her is set in school, she was asked about her best memory in school and her thoughts on bullying. For the 20-year-old actress-singer, she considers her dance performances with her barkadas in high school when she was still living in Bohol as the best memory she had as a student.

With regards to bullying, she expressed how she’d been a victim growing up. “Ang lala ng experience ko sa bullying kasi ever since no’ng bata pa talaga ako na-experience ko na siya up until now. Although hindi ko naman na siya tina-take as something na really offensive kasi tumibay na ‘yong loob ko, ‘yong heart ko. I’ve become stronger na.”

For her, she thinks bullies do that because they assume it’s funny and that it’s been part of our culture that every time someone mocks another person, we perceive him as a joker or comedian. But she begged to disagree as she finds it offensive and reminded everyone to be sensitive of others’ feelings.

Moving on to love-related questions, Vivoree shared her definition of love by saying, “Kapag unconditional ‘yong love, I think that’s the best kind of love. Kahit anong flaws mo, imperfections mo, love ka pa rin ng tao.”

At 20, she admitted having already having experienced heartbreaks from which she had learned so much in the process. Those may be painful, but it taught her how to handle pain, to grow and stand from it, and heal herself from pain.

She may rather be crazy rich than be deeply in love at this point of her life, but she wishes to end up with someone who will meet her high standards, which includes being understanding, god-fearing, respectful, gentleman, selfless, and patient. However, even though her standards are high, her idea of a perfect date is very much simple – stargazing with just the two of them, talking about life and random things.

When it comes to the most memorable lesson that her parents have taught her, it would be praying for someone who hurt her instead of taking revenge. “Sabi nila parang si God na bahala. You just have to pick yourself up after someone betrayed you and go on with life and gawin mo lang lahat ng best mo in everything, succeed in life, and always, always pray and trust in Him.

And lastly, although Sarah Geronimo is the living person she admires the most, the one she would want to ask a question and had to be sincere and honest in answering is her future someone. But instead of simply asking a question, she sang a portion of Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful”--- “Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?” 

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