Ashley and Gello "Dugtungan" Challenge

 “I’m going to make it hard for you,” Ashley warned Gello as they took on Kapamilya Chat’s “Dugtungan Ng Kanta” Challenge. Let’s see how they fared in this musical game, plus they dedicated a song to each other!

In this game, the He’s Into Her stars would think of a song related to the word where the other player left off. Ashley started the first round with “feeling” and ended up losing in this round. For the second part, all about Tagalog songs, we had to cut the game since no one wants to give up and lose.

Even Ashley doesn’t run out of OPM hits while Gello, who joined Idol Philippines, sure has a lot on his mental playlist as well.

To end the challenge, we asked the tandem to dedicate a song to each other. AshGello thought of Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedelin’s “Liligawan Na Kita,” which reminds them of a lot of memories. Ashley said, “Ang saya ng memories ng song every time naaalala ko ‘yung song.”

Listen to AshGello’s candid duet of “Liligawan Na Kita” in this video!