KILIG OVERLOAD! DonBelle answers random questions in He’s Into Her Extras’ Couch Talk

Before we bid farewell to their characters Deib and Maxpein and the rest of the He’s Into Her gang with the upcoming finale episode of the series this coming Sunday, August 1, Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano treated their avid shippers with kilig and cuteness in their appearance in the  “Couch Talk” segment of “He’s Into Her Extras” uploaded on Star Cinema’s official YouTube Channel.

In this segment, they had to ask one another a set of random questions. In order to determine who between them should quiz her partner first, they played one round of bato-bato-pik that was won by Belle.

The 19-year-old actress opened their question-and-answer game by asking what his biggest irrational fear, to which he replied being stuck in traffic. He also agreed to her suggestion that it could also be caused by his anxiety of finding himself bored or doing nothing. And probably, he’s willing to go through a lot of traffics if it is the way for him to get to the person he loves, as he told her that he’s willing to go as far as what love requires him to do.

As we currently admire their bond as friends and loveteam, awkwardness was seemingly in the air between them as Donny jested that he initially thought of her as masungit and ma-attitude. Yet he immediately took it back and described her as shy and meek instead.

With regards to the change he would like to do about herself at present, he revealed that there is none because he’s already happy with who he is. However, he went on to joke that it could be his hairstyle, which he disclosed Belle highly objects.

As someone who never dreamt of becoming a celebrity when he was a kid, he admitted that he still doesn’t know how to deal with fame and tends to just go with the flow.

When asked what was the last lie he told and if he would tell it again, Donny imparted that it was when he said that he’s already full when offered food prior to the shoot of this video. But in fact, he’s still hungry and was able to quickly finish the set of food given to them. And since it’s food, he is definitely going to do it again.

And lastly, when it comes to what bothers him nowadays, she jestingly commented that aside from Belle, it’s the thought that there’s still many things he can’t do especially this pandemic. Yet he’s hopeful that we will get back to doing things again soon.

Then Donny’s turn to ask Belle questions came in the second round, which are apparently more serious and deeper compared to those given to him.

As she mentioned how she felt sleepy during their shoot, his first question truly came at the right time – what keeps her up at night? She revealed that it’s watching series, to which he sarcastically reacted.

From telling Donny that she was probably a dove in her past life, Belle then went on to express her wish to be remembered someday as someone who has been real to herself despite being a celebrity. And speaking of being an artista, she disclosed that she’s perhaps currently studying taekwondo if she didn’t enter show business.

With everything that’s been happening in her life, the actress said that she would always be most thankful for her family because they’ve been very much supportive of her regardless of her actions and decisions in life.

When asked how much of the “Belle” that the public sees are authentic to her true self, she revealed that it’s “all” since she has not been hiding anything. However, Donny advised her that she should keep more than 10% of herself because he believes that every person must keep some stuff to himself or herself and she just can’t be completely an open book.

Meanwhile, with regards to dealing with haters, she asked the 23-year-old actor back “Should I deal with them?”, which truly amazed her fans in the comments section.

And lastly, she confessed how frightened and bashful she was upon learning that he would be her on-screen partner in He’s Into Her.

Unbeknown to them, the production team prepared a bonus round of Q&A for them that they had to take on. For the first question, both of them shared what they’re looking forward to each other’s life and career.

As both of them wished for another season of He’s Into Her, Belle hopes for Donny to grow and become a household name, as well as for him to further know himself. She’s also excited for him to explore and conquer the world.

Donny on the other hand, looks forward on experiencing a lot of things and working on the postponed projects of him and Belle. At the same time, he also wants to see her conquer the universe because he believes that she could and for more people to appreciate how amazing she is. He even uttered, we’re gonna go through a lot!”

And for the last challenge, they were told to look at one another eye-to-eye and say “thank you.” They found it hard to initially contain their laughter, but they’re able to do it eventually.

Click on this video to see all the kilig and hilarious happenings in this DonBelle episode of He’s Into Her Extras.

Show your love and support to Donny, Belle, and the whole He’s Into Her barkada by not missing the finale episode this coming Sunday, August 1, at 8:45 PM on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, and A2Z Channel 11.