Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel spread kilig vibes in answering 21 questions that lead to love

Their characters Michiko Tarranza and Tobi Yanai have indeed never failed to make us kilig every time they share the screen in He’s Into Her. But more so when Kaori Oinuma and Rhys Miguel are off-screen, such as in this video wherein they responded to “21 questions that lead to love”.

In this kilig and insightful conversation, they alternately ask each other random questions that were handed to them and they have to answer as sincerely as possible. Starting off was Rhys, who displayed his fanboy facet by mentioning Will Smith when asked who’s the person he would choose to be his dinner guest.

She may be currently slowly making her mark in the industry as a promising actress, but Kaori actually wishes to be famous as someone who has done great contributions to mankind and become a role model.

While many of us are arguably reluctant or frightened to do any kind of phone call, Rhys seems to be confident about it. He revealed that even though he still rehearses before making a call, he doesn’t do it to say the exact same things he practiced, but he instead prepare bullet points to remind him of the things he wanted to say so that he’s not going to not miss a single thing despite getting off-topic.

Just like many of us, Kaori’s definition of a perfect day is her free time, which she also uses as her “me time”, wherein she could simply chill in their house without having to worry about work. However, it’s kind of impossible at the moment since aside from doing promotions for He’s Into Her side by side, they’re also now preparing for their upcoming film debut “Love At First Stream.”

He may be Pinoy Big Brother Otso’s “Sportisoy Heartthrob”, but Rhys also has his playful side. Just like by rapping to one of the songs he played during the break of shooting this video, to which Kaori agreed when she quizzed her regarding the last time he sang to himself or to someone else.

While there are some of us who aspire to still look young even when we’re already old, Kaori would rather retain the mind of a 30-year-old than have a youthful body once she reaches 90, when asked by Rhys to choose. It is because she firmly believes that we do not have any control in our physical development and we are going to be more surely remembered because of how we think.

We all know that death is inevitable and there is actually a plethora of ways to die, just like what popular “Final Destination” film franchise have shown us through the years. As creepy as it seems, but Rhys has a hunch that he’ll probably be killed in a vehicular accident, jumping off something that’s so high, or being eaten by a shark.

And speaking of death, did you know that a terrible car crash actually almost claimed the lives of Rhys and his mom? But they’re able to survive and has been very much thankful about it.

With all the random questions we’ve already heard, KaoRhys shippers definitely got kilig when the young actress was asked to enumerate three things that she and her partner – obviously Rhys – have in common. She may have apparently played it safe by saying that they both have dogs, love to play basketball, and came from PBB, but this is enough to make the butterflies in our stomachs aflutter.

After successfully taking on the challenge of introducing himself as detailed as possible, we couldn’t help but get kilig when Rhys included meeting Kaori as one of the most memorable things that has ever happened in his life.

As she considers being taught to be too kind as the trait she would wish to change in the way she was raised after seemingly been taken advantage of by people around her, she implied that trust or “tiwala” is the most important thing she values the most in a friendship. Furthermore, she also defines true friendship as being there not just in good times, but not tolerating you’re bad deeds and teaching you lessons as well.

Apart from finishing college just like how her batchmates did, she also dreams of learning to drive. She revealed that Rhys actually promised to teach her, but it has not happened yet probably because he’s afraid to get his car broken. To ease up his worries, she told him that she would take care of his car just like how she takes good care of him.

We also arguably have found ourselves relate with Rhys when he enumerated the truths he would wish to know about himself, the future, o anything else with the help of an imaginary crystal ball. For him, it would be what type and how many cars he’s going to have, to whom he will be married to, where he’s going to live, how much time he still has to live and be with his loved ones, and the answers to his future tests.

And if he’s going to live for only a year, Rhys said that he will definitely change the way he lives by not working anymore, eating more, and doing things he has not done yet.

While the future is still a blur for all of us, Rhys knows for sure that making it to PBB is the greatest achievement he’s ever had, as well as He’s Into Her – to which Kaori also agreed. With regards to his most treasured memory, he recounted the times when his father would play with him and when he tries his best to learn a new sport and then teach it to him.

The video wrapped up by Rhys elaborating the important role that love and affection play in his life, as well as wishing for someone to join his family and friends in the list of people who provide it to him. And the way he said, we couldn’t help but assume that he’s pertaining to his loveteam partner.

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