Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel respond to serious questions on life and love

While He’s Into Her mainly focuses on the love story of its lead characters Deib (Donny Pangilinan) and Maxpein (Belle Mariano), we also couldn’t help but get kilig with the budding romance of Michiko (Kaori Oinuma) and Tobi (Rhys Miguel).

And recently, even though they were interviewed virtually and separately by Star Cinema, we still found ourselves thrilled with their responses to the serious life and love questions thrown at them as shown in this video.

Out of 17 questions, Kaori and Rhys had the same answers to five of those. Both of them yearn to develop singing capabilities, fear losing someone they love, and considers being part of Pinoy Big Brother as their greatest achievement. Aside from being an overthinker like her loveteam partner, Kaori despises herself for being too understanding and too kind as people close to her warned her for being prone to opportunists.

KaoRhys shippers certainly got kilig upon hearing how they defined love and what they look for in a partner. For them, love is about giving and being selfless, along with being blind, caring, understanding, and sacrificing. With regards to the qualities they’re looking for in their future partner, both of them want someone who’s supportive, loving, and caring, with Kaori also mentioning that admires a guy who fears God and to whom she’s going to learn a lot at the same time.

With regards to their idea of happiness, Kaori said that it would be to see the people she wants to be happy genuinely blissful, while for Rhys, it’s having a balanced life that would allow him to work and still have quality time for their family, friends, and personal goals.

For the living person they admire the most, Kaori disclosed that it’s her mom, who she had to leave in Japan to follow her dreams here in the Philippines, while it’s his beloved grandfather and his celebrity idol Will Smith.

When it comes to their greatest regret in life, Rhys said that he has none since he tries to live his life without regrets. Meanwhile, Kaori has one, which was not being able to spend time with someone dear to her who’s already gone now.

She may have regrets, but Kaori still has a lot of reasons to smile about, such as the memories of her 18th birthday, wherein her family, relatives, a few friends were present. Rhys, on the other hand, loves to reminisce hanging out with his friends in United States.

If there’s something that would offend them, Kaori said that it’s every time she would be compared to other people, while for Rhys, it’s when people talk bad about others behind their backs.

Since He’s Into Her is set in school, they were asked regarding their best memory in school and their thoughts on bullying. For Kaori, finding true friends and being able to hone her talent in dancing when she was in Grade 7 and 8 here in the Philippines was her best school memory, while for Rhys, it’s meeting his now long-time best friend who gave him a cookie and asked him if he could be his friend when they were still in Kindergarten.

With regards to their thoughts on bullying, Kaori remarked that it would never be okay or cool and believed that bullies are just seeking attention. Rhys, on the other hand commented that it’s “very silly” and concluded that bullies perhaps used to be victims in the past and they’re just taking advantage of others to make up for what happened to them or for their lack of self-confidence.

Of course, the topic of romance will never be absent in every interview that involves a loveteam. Thus, they were asked what’s the one thing that got their heartbroken and the learnings they gained from it. Kaori confessed that it was because of a crush and learned that exacting revenge is not really a good idea because it will surely comeback to you and it’s more painful. On the other hand, Rhys recounted that it was because of a girl he dated, who made him realize – with the help of his friends – that if someone really likes you, then she must have liked you from the very start.

When it comes to their idea of a perfect date, Kaori prefers a simple picnic by the garden, park, or beach, or a nature trip. For Rhys, it would be picking up the girl from her house and taking her to a candlelit dinner at a rooftop then go on stargazing.

Just when we thought that they’re going to slip in mentioning each other’s name when asked what they think most often, we failed. Rhys revealed that it’s the things he will need to do the following day, while Kaori jestingly ‘fessed us that it’s her crush, who she wishes to do the same to her.

And lastly, if there’s one person they would want to ask one question, the fast-rising heartthrob said that it would be American activist Martin Luther King Jr., who he would quiz about his thoughts in the current happenings in the world, while it’s going to be Rhys for the promising actress as she would want to ask him if he’s happy to play Tobi and have her as his on-screen partner.

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