Kaori and Turs talk about working with DonBelle, other He’s Into Her cast

Kaori Oinuma’s character Michiko Tarranza may have lost her first love, but the universe seemingly doesn’t want her to be sad and heartbroken about it throughout the story of He’s Into Her Season 2, as she has apparently found a new love in Dale Enrile, played by Turs Daza.

And in their latest appearance in a recent episode of Kapamilya Chat, the new on-screen pair gave updates on Michiko and Dale, as well as on the developments in the brewing romance between their well-loved characters.

Those who have been watching He’s Into Her avidly would know that Dale was comatose for a long time after being fatally shot. He finally gained consciousness by the time Michiko, who’s actually his batchmate and close friend, visited him at the hospital. As he continues to recuperate, he’s also able to rekindle his closeness with Michiko, with their ardent shippers hoping that they’re going to bring it to the next level.

When asked if he thinks that his character will be able to walk again, Turs said that there’s a chance as long as he is consistent with his therapy sessions, and the people around him are going to give him the support, time, and patience to fully recover. Of course, the presence of Michiko can also help as it motivates him to fulfill his promise to take her to the ball and dance with her.

They also discussed the role of Jeremy, the nosy personal nurse of Dale played by JC Alcantara, and Dom, the ex-girlfriend of Dale who ghosted him depicted by Shanaia Gomez, in the exciting love story of MichiDale. Being his personal nurse, Jeremy also became friends with Michiko and even joined their friends in teasing them, so they fondly call him “Nurse M”, short for “Nurse Marites”. Meanwhile, Dom made a shocking return in the latest, which Turs tagged as “zombie-ing”, or the Gen Z’s term for “ghosters” who come back to the person they dumped. 

Aside from talking about the development in their characters and building their chemistry as on-screen partners, Kaori and Turs also described how was it working with their He’s Into Her castmates, most especially headliners Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano.

When asked how different Season 1 was to Season 2, the young actress commented that the sweeping changes among the characters are really noticeable because of the weight of the things each of them is going through. 

“Sobrang laki ng pinagbago, siguro dahil na rin sa mga pinagdadaanan ng bawat character. Mas lumalalim na kasi ang mga pinagdadaanan,” she started. 

She continued, “Katulad ko, parang ibang iba sa Season 1 at ngayong Season 2. Gano’n din ‘yong ibang cast. No’ng Season 1 kasi medyo masaya pa e, pero ngayon, parang mas marami nang conflicts, mga nangyayari. Pero ‘yong support namin sa isa’t isa, 'di naman nagbabago ‘yon since Day 1, since first season. And doon ako super proud sa aming lahat kasi nandoon pa rin kami para sa isa’t isa. Kahit na ‘yong mga characters namin magkakaaway, pero kapag behind the scenes na, bond pa rin kami”.

Since he taped for only three days during the first season, Turs revealed that he didn’t have the chance to bond with the whole He’s Into Her ensemble, except for Donny Pangilinan and Joao Constancia who he both knows from way back. But their lock-in taping for almost two months gave him the opportunity to get along with the other casts and got closer not just with Donny, Joao, and Kaori, but to Jeremiah Lisbo, JC Alcantara, Mikha Lim, and Rajo Serrano, too.

“Kahit may taping ka o wala kang taping, pwede kang lumapit sa kahit kaninong cast member. Everyone’s able to get along, barkada talaga kami [and] we’re really like a family on and off the set. 'Di lang sa mga cast ‘yon ah, kundi pati na rin sa mga [production] staff, Ate Katzy, Direk Chad, Direk Yves, all the prod as well. Super mabait talaga,” Turs related

As he and Donny had the chance to work together in MYX a few years ago as video jocks, Turs was able to witness his co-actor’s growth from being a budding host to becoming a promising actor. For him, Donny has tremendously matured when it comes to his outlook and perspective, as he always tends to think ahead and see the bigger picture of things. Besides, Turs has also seen how his fellow MYX alumni became more caring towards other people around him, yet he has remained adorably makulit. With the amount of love he has for Donny, Turs considers him as his brother in life.

Meanwhile, having worked with DonBelle since Season 1, Kaori noticed how they’ve become closer in the current season and tend to instantly understand each other -- as if the two have already created a world of their own. But she’s happy and proud of them.

Will the Michi-Dale continue sailing? Or will their love affair get impededanew? Let’s all find out in the last three episodes of He's Into Her, every Sunday night on Kapamilya ChannelKapamilya Online Live and A2Z Channel 11.