KaoRhys Lie Detector Test

We all love couples who can get candid and act natural during interviews – no scripts and directors, just plain honesty. That’s why Kaori Oinuma and Rhys Miguel were ‘kilig’ to watch as they took on the Lie Detector Challenge.

While the lie detector kept on shocking the players, meaning “lie,” we’d like to just buy KhaoRhys’ answers. After all, we have known them as honest individuals since their Pinoy Big Brother days, right? So when Kaori said she’s starting to fall for Rhys’ sweet gestures, we knew she’s telling the truth.

She also admitted to feeling mad at Rhys before. She sometimes doesn’t reply to his messages but with valid reasons. Kaori confessed that Rhys is her last thought at night. There are some secrets that she couldn’t tell him.

Asked if she’s ever tried to cover up for him, she said “wala pa.” If a close friend commits a crime, good citizen Kaori will tell the cops. For the last question, Rhys asked her if she wants to spend her birthday with him and the answer was “yes.”

For Rhys, learning the Filipino language is not frustrating. He thinks of Kaori after waking up in the morning. He once used her photo as wallpaper. Kaori chimed in that it was for a challenge.

He never lied to Kaori and he also never lied to get out of work. Rhys confessed that he sometimes doesn’t feel enough. For the last question, Kaori was curious if he’d take her to the Benison Ball and he answered, “Yes! Syempre, isasayaw kita.”

If they were telling the truth, why did the lie detector keep on shocking them? Rhys has an answer: “Kasi ang lakas ng electricity natin, eh,” he told her. Plus points for that smooth ‘banat!’

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