Joao Criza Questions that lead to love

If you ship Naih and Lee on He’s Into Her, then you know that their actors Criza Taa and Joao Constancia make up a perfect love team. Their on-screen chemistry is undeniable so it’s hard not to squeal with joy when there’s a NaihLee scene in each episode. 

Can’t wait another week for the next episode He’s Into Her to see them together? Get your quick kilig fix in this video. Watch CrizJo fall in love while answering the Questions The Lead To Love!

The two of them ask each other psychology-backed questions that can increase closeness and intimacy. Even though Criza and Joao are already super close in real life, it’s wonderful to see them build a greater bond in this fun Q&A. 

Joao shared a lot about his life when he lived in Macao and the things he sacrificed to pursue his dreams to be an artist. This was a relatively new thing Criza found out about Joao which she admired about him and likened his story as something you would find in movies.  Criza herself also gave stories of how she grew up being raised by her lola and how much she loves her work. She also showed the determined go-getter in her when she answered that she currently doesn’t have something she dreams of doing because as soon as she sets her heart on something, she just does it. She doesn’t waste any time and finds a way to make it happen. 

There were also lots of hypothetical questions that let you get to know their personal values, thought processes, and opinions. Some fun ones would be how they describe a perfect day or who they would want to have as a dinner guest. Some serious ones that really got Criza and Joao thinking was choosing between having a 30-year-old mind or body as a 90-year-old and what true friendship means to them.

Find out all the questions and CrizJo’s answers by watching the video!

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