He’s Into Her’s Jeremiah Lisbo defines love, expresses greatest fears in serious conversation

The most watched kilig series He’s Into Her has been the buzz all over social media as Max (Belle Mariano) is torn between his two lovers, former rival Deib (Donny Pangilinan) and ex-boyfriend RJ (Jeremiah Lisbo).

While we wait for Max’s ultimate decision in the upcoming finale of He’s Into Her, many are still itching to know more about the cutie on campus, Jeremiah Lisbo. In this video, the actor reveals some interesting answers to everyone’s burning questions!

Starting off the conversation on a light note, Jeremiah cites acting as a talent he would love to hone further. When asked to define happiness, he equates it to doing your purpose in life.

His lola is also one of the most important people in his life given that imagining her to get sick with COVID is one of his greatest fears right now. While contemplating and asked if there’s a trait about himself that he didn’t like, he says he’s an overthinker.

A person that he also admires most is LeBron James, which is perhaps why the dreamer in him is very much alive. He also lives life with no regrets because everything he’s done has led to his current success. Moreover, we find out that he considers his role as RJ on the top trending Star Cinema movie “Four Sisters Before The Wedding” as his proudest achievement by far.

He also fondly looks back on his first-ever commercial gig since this opened up a lot of opportunities for him to be the artist he is today. It’s a memory that will never fail to make him smile.

Jeremiah shares more of his views on serious topics. Bullying for him is definitely wrong. It’s important for people to get to know the person and where they are coming from, instead of resorting to bullying.

As for love, it means sharing and sacrifice for Jeremiah. “Ang pagmamahal ay bigay, hindi mo iisipin ang sarili mo,” he explains. While on the topic, he’s asked if he has experienced his own heartbreaks and the lessons he’s learned. Jeremiah, while amused, admitted he has experienced it and advices people, “’Wag mo siyang gawing mundo mo, magtira ka rin para sa sarili mo. And napaka importante ng self-love.”

When given the choice between being “crazy rich” or “deeply in love,” Jeremiah chose “deeply in love” because no money can buy such a wonderful thing. If he were ever to look for something in a partner, he wants someone mature and can support his dreams and endeavors as they conquer life together.

As an overthinker, Jeremiah shares that he thinks about a lot of things throughout a day. But usually, he would think about the best way to spend his time because doing more productive things is very important to him.

As a fun ending to the chat, he was asked to direct an ultimate truth question to someone he knew. He chose his He's Into Her co-star Donny and asked him with a giggle, “Payag ka bang magkamukha tayo?”

Get to know Jeremiah Lisbo a.k.a. RJ of He’s Into Her in this video!