Belle Mariano answers 25 questions

We could stare at Belle Mariano’s face all day and it gets all the more delightful when we get to witness the witty side of her! If you are in need of good vibes, be sure to watch this video and get to know Belle even more as she reveals 25 fun facts about her. Guys, on the 19th question, Donny lang sapat na!

Belle gave us a little tour of the ABS-CBN Studios while answering 25 questions. She said she’s just finished a shoot and her day was going well. The best advice she received is “Never stop learning.” Her favorite dessert is ice cream cake.

She looked so adorable copying the hug emoji – her most used one. A true romantic, she’ll never get tired of watching “Notting Hill.” She believes in love at first sight. Her favorite thing about herself is her positivity.

To be an artist has been her dream since she was little. Her dream project is to play bida-kontrabida. Painting her nails perfectly is an achievement she’s proud of but most people would consider silly. Well, little things make her happy.

Belle talked about a TikTok video that touched her. It was about two store personnel aiming for a promotion. One of them is kind-hearted while the other loves to body-shame.  A plus-size woman entered the store. To their surprise, the woman was the store owner’s daughter. Through this viral content, Belle was reminded that we are not in the position to judge others.

One night, she dreamt of foreign artists coming to the Philippines and speaking in Filpino – filed under Belle’s weirdest dreams! Instagram is her most used application.

She hasn’t seen or talked to her high school friends in a long time but she hopes they’re all doing fine. For Belle, she wouldn’t want to relive a memory because that would make it less precious. The best gift she’s received from someone is food.
The weirdest thing in her closet is an old ‘pambahay.’ She loves to sing “Good Days” by SZA in the shower. If her house is on fire, the first things she’d grab are important documents, money, and her phone. Belle’s dream destination is Switzerland.

Belle was asked to pick three He’s Into Her co-stars to be on her team in case of a zombie apocalypse. She said she only needs one and that is the other half of DonBelle – Donny Pangilinan. “He has all the qualities. He’s smart, strategic, and ‘’yung strength niya.” It was like telling us Donny lang sapat na!

She considers Tom Holland and Zendaya her favorite love team. Three things she’s looking for in a partner are a good sense of humor, simplicity, and passion. Belle’s ultimate celebrity crush is Jungkook. Her idea of a perfect date is nature trip or maybe a picnic date.

Watch this video and get up close and personal with Belle!