Donny Pangilinan answers questions about ideal girl, perfect date and more

As fans continue to rave about the superb He’s Into Her finale, Donny Pangilinan aka Deib Lohr Enrile spreads more good vibes by answering questions you’ve been wanting to ask him!

The first question was about his dream talent. In love with sports, he likes to learn parkour, “Ang galing ng mga parkour professionals. They’re jumping from one building to another. I find it pretty cool.”

Donny defines happiness as “just doing what you love and being with your loved ones.” Regrets don’t change anything, so he doesn’t dwell on that. After all, “you learn from them.” He may regret something at the moment like skipping breakfast but he won’t carry it for long. His greatest fear is losing the people he cares about.

His greatest achievement, thus far, is getting into a healthier lifestyle. He started working out more and eating healthier. Donny admires his mom, actress Maricel Laxa, who is one of the most influential people in his life. Thanks to his parents, he learned the value of humility. “Keep yourself on the ground and never forget those who have been with you since day one,” he said of the greatest lesson they passed on to him.

Be truthful if you don’t wish to offend him. Donny said dishonesty leads to trust issues, “Mas lalo na ‘pag nag-trust ka at in-open up mo ‘yung sarili mo pero binalewala lang niya.”

High school friends make Donny smile in an instant. There’s nostalgia and cheer just thinking of his buddies and hanging out with them. “It’s so rare to be with a group of people in one room and one place, enjoying life, listening to great music, being able to hug each other. I am patiently waiting for the time na mangyari ulit ‘yun.”

His most favorite high school memory is joining sports competitions abroad, 3 to 4 times a year, “Just going to different countries, with my greatest friends, my teammates, and just exploring. Getting to skip school for a while. Joke lang! But that would be the best.”

Donny thought bullying is a hard topic, “You don’t want anyone to go through that.” Asked to define love, he answered, “Love is… you can’t define it. It’s just something that happens, wala ng explanation.”

Donny didn’t answer directly if he’s ever been heartbroken but he said heartbreaks can bring positive changes in a person, “Kailangan mong magkaroon ng point in your life where you have to grow and learn.”

The Kapamilya actor would rather be deeply in love than crazy rich, “Kasi kung in love ka, mayaman ka na sa pag-ibig, so okay na ‘yun.” He described his ideal girl, “Simple lang. She must have sense of humor. Plus points ‘pag may athletic side siya kasi cool kung makakatakbo kami or play basketball together.” Girls, time to flex those athletic muscles!

Donny’s idea of a perfect date is spending the day at the beach to “watch the stars, sunset, and sunrise.”

One trait he hates about himself? Donny admitted, “Minsan tamad ako.” If he could ask someone a question that must be answered truthfully, he would approach business magnate Bill Gates and ask him the secret to success, or maybe the smartest person in the world to ask “what’s the cure for cancer?”

Get to know Donny better in this video!