Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano talk about love, friendship, terrible memories

Getting to know someone is all about asking the right questions. Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano remind us of a dating couple as they take turns in asking each other questions that could possibly lead to love.

For the first question, Donny asked who Belle would like to invite to dinner. She went for Oprah Winfrey, saying it must be fun to talk with her. And she wants the conversation to be spontaneous. She doesn’t like to rehearse chats, not even when she’s answering the phone.

Belle mentioned her three similarities with Donny. They have the same humor, love for Mobile Legends, and are both passionate with their craft. Belle wouldn’t want to change anything in the way she was raised.

For the next question, Belle was asked one quality or ability she would like to have in an instant. Donny leaned closer to whisper something to Belle. He told her to wish for more height. But Belle’s answer was the ability to pig out without gaining weight. He commented, “Feeling ko, feeling mo lang tumataba ka pero hindi naman talaga.” Isn’t it a boyfriend dialogue?    

Belle dreams to skydive. Same dream goes for Donny. So they agreed to do it together in the future. For Belle, trust is the foundation of friendship. And yes, she considers Donny her friend and she trusts him.

Asked her most terrible memory, Belle shared a funny anecdote that happened in Baguio City when she was seven. She said she stuck her head in a small space between the wooden brace of an old swing. She struggled to move her head out so people came to help her.

Donny was also reminded of a terrible childhood memory. He said he was trying out a zipline with his uncle when his long hair got stuck in the harness and he thought he was going to die since he couldn’t move up. 

For Donny’s turn, he said he would also like to be known as a businessman. The perfect day for him would be waking up by the beach, seeing the scenery while enjoying a nice breakfast, and going on a bike ride after.

If he could live until 90, he would rather have a strong body than a sharp mind so he could experience life more. Just to be alive is already enough to make him feel grateful. And just being him is his greatest life accomplishment.

Donny was given a minute to tell his life story to Belle. He said he grew up with four siblings for ten years until the youngest, Solana, came. They lived in Quezon City while his parents were still active in showbiz but they eventually moved south where there was less population. He got into sports through triathlon and he never thought he’d join showbiz. In high school, he tried showbiz for fun and he’s happy where that decision brought him today.

If there’s a crystal ball that could tell him the truth, Donny would ask about his grandpa’s life because he wasn’t able to really get to know him.  His most treasured memory is of him being carefree as a kid.

Donny would agree with Belle that friendship is based on trust, but also feeling comfortable with the other person. For Belle, love is not just felt in romantic relationships but with family and friends as well.

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