DonBelle gives witty descriptions to each other’s photos in “Caption It Challenge”

A few days after the trailer of He’s Into Her Season 2 was released and even trended online, its lead stars Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano graced the latest episode of Hotspot on Tuesday, March 29, to talk about it, as well as played the fun “Caption It Challenge”.

“Sobrang grateful ako because just by watching the trailer itself and seeing the product of what we did and hearing their feedbacks and watching and seeing their tweets, sobrang natutuwa ako at nae-enjoy nila. I just can’t wait for them to watch Season 2 of He’s Into Her and I hope they enjoy,” Belle retorted when asked by host DJ Jhai Ho how she felt about the positive responses towards the trailer of He’s Into Her Season 2 launched recently.

Donny went on to express his appreciation to the overwhelming support of their fans and giving us, at the same time, a hint on what to expect in the newest season of their series by teasing that it will bring them to not just a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but a “theme park.” He also expressed how much he appreciates that the second season wouldn’t just be about the love story of their characters Max and Deib, but of the respective stories of the other cast members as well.

With regards to the new additions in the roster of cast, both of them were all praises onto how they’re able to portray their respective roles so well, especially those who were only first time in acting.

“It’s nice being able to work with new faces as well kasi it just means more members of the family and learnings as well. Learnings, potentials for growth kasi a lot of them also first time umarte, first time nila just to be part of any series or show, so it’s nice to be a part of that,” Donny related.

The 19-year-old actress echoed this by saying, “Nakakatuwa kasi new faces and nakakatuwa lang na mas lumaki ang pamilya namin dito sa He’s Into Her. Natututo rin kasi kami sa kanila and ang ganda lang ng dynamics namin. Even with the new cast, ang ganda lang ng dynamics namin as characters. And like what I said earlier, they’re really portraying their roles really well.”

Aside from the new learnings they’ve acquired, the tandem also divulged the new things they’ve discovered about their castmates. Belle exposed how meticulously neat Kaori Oinuma was particularly on her bed, while Donny revealed that Joao Constancia has scented candles and Gello Marquez has a complete setup for his KUMU livestreams. He further imparted that they’re also able to learn more from their director Chad Vidanes as they usually bond and talk about random things together every time the reels were not rolling.

The two also shared what their fans should watch out for about their characters, teasing that they should see if Max and Deib will still accept the people they love despite their flaws or red flags, as well as how they will go through the stage of maturity, learn from each other, and go through the ups and downs of life together and along with their families and friends.

Just in case they will be in the same situation as their characters in real life, they implied how willing they are to also accept the people they love in spite their flaws, both of them said that they could, with Donny expounding that open communication between two people in a relationship is a must.

When asked how they will describe He’s Into Her Season 2 in one word, Belle imparted that it would be “growth”, while it’s “maturity” for Donny.

The gregarious host then veered the interview to the “Caption It Challenge”, wherein they were asked to caption the pictures of one another. Find out the witty captions they gave each other’s photos and the stories behind each by watching this episode!

Are you ready for the kilig that DonBelle is going to exude as Deib and Max in the much awaited He’s Into Her Season 2?