Criza Taa Joao Constancia serious convo

Loveteam Criza Taa and Joao Contancia spread youthful ‘kilig’ through their roles in He’s Into Her. But don’t expect them to be just sweet and cute at all times because these new-gen stars are more mature than their age, proven by their wise answers in this interview.

Criza, who wishes to have the knack for painting, considers a good relationship with God as the only source of true happiness. “We can laugh or we can smile pero hindi natin alam kung totoo ‘yung saya na ‘yun pero ‘pag connected ka kay God at may trust ka sa Kanya, sinu-surrender mo sa Kanya lahat ng worries mo, doon mo mahahanap ‘yung genuine happiness.”

For Joao, on the other hand, real happiness comes after contentment, “To be able to live a peaceful life no matter the situation. It doesn’t matter if I have a big house or a lot of money, as long as I’m fulfilled with whatever I have in life, I’m at peace with it.”

While we love her bubbly personality, Criza is trying to tone down her being talkative. Instead of turning mistakes into regrets, she takes them as lessons that help her change things for the better. Avid viewers of Pinoy Big Brother would also know that Criza is not one to back down from challenges. She feels empowered when she’s able to speak and stand up for herself.

Criza has always been consistent in talking good, loving words about the woman who raised her, Lola Wilma. “Sobrang brave niya po. Kahit ang hirap ng buhay, pinipili niya pa rin maging masaya at pinipili niya pa rin akong alagaan. Hindi niya ako iniiwan. Sobrang strong niya na tao. Sobra ko siyang ina-admire kasi nagawa niya ipa-feel sa akin na siya ‘yung Mommy at Daddy ko,” she said of her grandma.

The young actress prides herself on making her ‘lola’ happy, which she considers her greatest achievement. And if there’s something she fears, it would be losing her. Brave as she is, Criza will never be hurt by words but she’s easily offended when her family is dragged into bashing and issues.

The biggest lesson she learned from Lola Wilma is to find love and happiness within her. “Lumaki ako na siya lang ang kasama ko. Nangungulila po talaga ako sa Nanay at Tatay. Pero sinasabi niya, ‘Hindi mo ‘yan kailangan. Kailangan mo lang ‘yung sarili mo.’ Masarap pa rin maka-feel ng love ng Mommy and Daddy pero ang kailangan mo lang para maging happy at complete ka ay ‘yung sarili mo.”  

Joao, whose dream talent is to sing like Inigo Pascual, is offended when people mispronounce his name. His most hated trait is being a procrastinator. The BoybandPH member said his biggest achievement is being an actor and greatest regret is missing out on a lot of chances.

His greatest fear is to lose his family. Joao is a simple guy, thanks to his dad, who taught him to be simple and go after what makes him happy.

Asked one memory that instantly makes them smile, Criza looked back on her happy days at the Star Hunt camp and Bahay Ni Kuya. She called it an unexpected but happy journey. For Joao, his happiest memory is winning in Pinoy Boyband Superstar.

Criza’s best high school memory is being an honor student because it felt satisfying to make Lola Wilma come up on stage. For Joao, it’s playing the lead role in a musical play and winning an award for it.

CrizJo condemns bullying. A reality show alum, Criza calls bullying an intentional way of hurting another person without knowing its consequences, “It has to stop kasi hindi natin alam kung anong magiging effect sa tao, kung anong pinagdadaanan niya.” For Joao, on the other hand, it’s a sign of weakness, “It doesn’t mean that you’re above anyone else when you bully them.”

Criza defines love as commitment and is not limited to romantic relationships. At her age, she already understands that love is ups and downs. Joao looks at love as an essential, “Especially ngayong pandemic, let’s love one another, make sure to check up on other people, tell them ‘I love you.’ Love is something we all need.”

Criza also has a deep perspective about heartbreaks, saying she was heartbroken at the age of 9 when her father’s absence started to dawn on her. “Nabu-bully pa ako tapos nakikita ko ‘yung ibang tao may Tatay. Feeling ko ang unfair, ako wala tapos hindi ko alam ‘yung name niya.Yun ‘yung una kong naramdaman na masakit talaga.”

After getting heartbroken a lot of times, Joao realized the value of self-love. His Ninang also told him to save enough love for himself, “It’s hard to give all of yourself to that one person. If you lose that person, you lose yourself also. That happened to me before.”

On their ideal partner, Criza would want to love someone God-fearing and humble. Meanwhile, Joao likes a girl who is kind to everyone, fun to be with, family-oriented like him, and has a great personality. For Criza, the perfect date is eating out after church. For Joao, he simply wants to make the girl happy.  

Asked to take their pick between riches and love, Criza said she would rather be deeply in love, hopefully with someone who has goals. Joao, on the other hand, would be practical, “I’d rather be crazy rich than deeply in love because there are bills to pay. Crazy rich because love will come.”

Yes, the ‘Benison Bears’ believe in true love. Joao said it will come but you have to be patient. If there’s one person they want to ask a question to, Criza would ask her biological mom the reason for leaving her under Lola Wilma’s care. Joao, on the other hand, will ask his future self if he’s happy and if everything’s going to plan.

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