25 things to know about Joao Constancia!

Can’t get enough of Joao Constancia? You’d be so glad the Kapamilya actor answered these questions about him because you’d be 25 steps closer to knowing him better.

1. The cutie who never fails to make us smile was recently part of the hit teen series He’s Into Her with Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano. It was the last thing that made him proud. It took them more than a year of making, thus he was proud of himself and the whole team when it came out on TV and digital screens.

2. He is an extrovert. No wonder he keeps a long list of showbiz friends, leading us to the next fun fact about him.

3. He said he’s friends with his exes, well, “somehow, most of them.” He thinks so.

4. His friendly nature is also his favorite thing about himself, although people would often misjudge him as aloof or a bad guy.  

5. The best advice he received was from his Ninang.  “’Pag magmamahal ka, love 70 percent of yourself and 30 percent of the other person para when you lose the person, you only lose thirty percent.”

6. The last time he cried was last year because he misses his family. Don’t you love guys with soft hearts for the fambam?!

7. Joao is not the impulsive type.

8. Growing up, he looked up at his dad as a role model.  “He always told me to live life simply and just be happy”

9. He has no pets.

10. He said he never experienced a broken bone.

11. Joao has four piercings and more to come!

12. He wishes people would stop asking him about his height, “Insecure ako dun, eh!” He also used to get annoyed when people ask how to pronounce his name but he realized he’d rather answer that question than hear their mispronunciations.

13. If he could live in the world of a TV show, he’d choose “Friends.”

14. The former BoyBandPH member would like to be “really good at singing.”

15. If you think he’s having a bad day and you like to cheer him up, you’d make him feel better just by being there to listen.

16. If he can perfect a dish, he’d probably cook kare-kare or sinigang to give his palate a break from fried food.

17. “Hanggang Kailan” by Orange and Lemons is his ultimate Karaoke song.

18. It’s his favorite love song, too.

19. His favorite time of the year is the winter (when he was living in Macau) because he likes to layer clothes for fashion.

20. Joao believes in soulmates! But he isn’t sure if he’s already found his.

21. Honesty, loyalty, and understanding are three things he looks for in a partner.

22. You’d never hear him say ‘I love you’ right away because he thinks it would take time. “Make sure that he or she is the right person at sigurado ka na sa feelings mo”

23. On the perfect date, he’d better ask the girl what she wants, “Kasi I want to make her happy.”

24. Joao said he falls for a person fast.

25. His love language is quality time.

Check out this video and let Joao sweep you off your feet with his honest answers!