He’s Into Her finale review

Top trending romance teen series He’s Into Her has released the last episode to the first season aired on Sunday, August 1, and it’s everything fans wanted and more. 

The sparked love triangle of Max (Belle Mariano), Deib (Donny Pangilinan), and Randall (Jeremiah Lisbo) was still the most awaited part of this finale. As Deib confessed his true feelings to Max and Randall wishes for him and Max to get back together, Max was put in a tight spot to choose between the two charming boys after her heart. Add in to the fact that the basketball match between Benison Bears and Southbay Sharks were led by the two so the tension was definitely high. 



Despite Randall’s efforts to win Max back, including bringing her family from Mindoro to Manila, Max has realized whom she truly loves 一 Deib. But Deib is constantly getting unclear signs if Max was reciprocating his love, so he doubted the possibility of a relationship with her. This even distracted him from the game and almost cost them the championship. Eventually, Max came through and cheered with all her heart for Deib and their team, pushing Deib to shoot the winning shot. After clearing out their misunderstanding, Max also finally bared her how she felt for Deib. 



Deib and her mother Evita (Ana Abad Santos) finally had the chance to resolve their issue as well. With Max’s help, Evita understood how Deib felt after his older brother was shot and incapacitated. Deib was also able to express the hurt to his mother and they could now rely on each other for support. However, we found out that this was not the end yet of Deib’s investigation about his brother’s incident. As a new puzzle piece was revealed regarding the unresolved crime, he was still set on finding who caused it all.

Brilliantly written for TV, great homage to the book

The thousands of fans of the original He’s Into Her book written by Wattpad writer Maxinejiji (Maxine Lat) set the bar high for the making of this series. Lots of expectations were put on the cast and production team to bring the top-rated story to life. 

After the conclusion of the first season, we can say with confidence that they delivered it well. The scriptwriting and development for a television series headed by director Chad Vidanes and writers Charisse Bayona, Dip Mariposque, and Rigel Gelito was able to stay true to the book’s essence and message. The lines written and emotions expressed in the book were given a natural life by the actors and actresses. This show is definitely an enjoyable experience, even for those who read the book it was based on. 

More than a love story

While He’s Into Her reached the trending charts for its kilig factor, that was not the only reason it’s a fan favorite. It taught lessons about the dangers of bullying and the importance of family. Viewers across the globe, especially the young ones, weren’t just watching their favorite characters go about their day-to-day at school, but they were also gaining valuable lessons that would enrich their lives. 

DonBelle, a love team we’ll continue to root for

Both Donny and Belle went into He’s Into Her as their first major starring role in a series. Despite being relatively new to the acting industry and the romance genre, they surprised many with their ability to create an electric on-screen chemistry. Even from the very first episode, the connection between the two is palpable as if they’ve been working with each other for years. By the finale, it can be seen that this love team is here to stay and we’re excited to see what else they’ll deliver. 

A promising new breed of rising actors

Aside from Donny and Belle, praise is deserved by their castmates Jeremiah Lisbo, Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Miguel, Joao Constancia, Criza Taa, Vivoree Esclito, Limer Veloso, Gello Marquez, Dalia Varde, Melizza Jimenez, Sophie Reyes, and Ashley del Mundo.

For most of them, this is their first time to act or land a starring role. Each one of these young stars’ performances on He’s Into Her proved that they have the potential to be big in the near future. They didn’t only deliver lines, but they were able to give unique personalities to their characters that leave a memorable impression to viewers. 

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