Five reasons why “He’s Into Her” is a must watch

The upcoming generational series "He's Into Her" has been the talk of the town since it was announced that the hit Precious Pages-LIB novel by famous Pinoy author Maxinejiji is going to have an adaptation.  

Since then, netizens have tweeted non-stop their sentiments on the upcoming cast members as well as the story itself.  

Five reasons why He s Into Her is a must watch 1

With the series already proving to be a hit even before its premiere on May 30 (Sunday), here are some reasons why you need to join the fun. 

1. It features a new breed of stars

Five reasons why He s Into Her is a must watch 2

It is a breath of fresh air to see two of the next generation of stars –Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan lead a generational series like “He's Into Her.” With spunk and charm combined, the two provide ultimately inspiring role models for today’s generation. Add to the two are other personalities that are sure to bring more youthful vibe like former Pinoy Big Brother housemates Vivoree Esclito Kaori Oinuma, Rhys Eugenio, Criza Taa, and Rise Artists’ Jeremiah Lisbo and Joao Constancia.  

2. It promises more kilig with new love teams to watch out

Five reasons why He s Into Her is a must watch 3

Donny and Belle aren’t the only ones bringing the kilig in this series. There are sets of loveteams here that netizens have been shipping since day one. Aside from Donny and Belle, who play Deib Lohr and Maxpein respectively, viewers will also get to see the chemistry of Joao and Criza as Lee Roi and Naih, as well as Kaori and Rhys, who will play Michiko and Tob.  

3. Its story is well-loved

Five reasons why He s Into Her is a must watch 4

“He’s Into Her” has been a hit among the youth when it was just a novel. It’s story of determination and courage resonate with the young who are out looking for their place in this world. Fans of the hit novel are also looking forward to the friendship of Maxpein, Michiko and Naih as well as the confrontations of Maxpein and Deib. 

4. It teaches a lesson in courage

Five reasons why He s Into Her is a must watch 5

As enthusiastic as the youth are in this well-loved series, they also face a challenging world as they grow up. Belle plays a girl thrust out of her nest but will find the courage to step out of her comfort zone and face any challenge. Meanwhile, despite putting on a brave front, Donny, who plays the alpha male Deib, will eventually have the courage to love.  

5. It has an awesome soundtrack

Five reasons why He s Into Her is a must watch 6

The songs included in the soundtrack add flavor to the story. Way before its premiere, the series theme song sung by P-Pop Group and Billboard Next Big Sound-charting group BGYO has been a streaming hit. On its way to becoming the new LSS-favorite is the recently-released single by “He’s Into Her” star Belle Mariano, "Sigurado." 

Join Donny, Belle, and the gang as they set out on an important journey in their lives in this coming-of-age series. Don't miss out on the chance to catch it advance on iWantTFC on May 28 (Friday), two days ahead of its premiere on May 30 (Sunday) on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z, and on Kapamilya Online Live via the YouTube channel and Facebook page of ABS-CBN Entertainment