Mico catches feelings for Xavier in Hello Stranger Episode 2

In the pilot episode of the trending local BL (Boys’ Love) series “Hello, Stranger,” nerdy top student Mico (JC Alcantara) just got the ultimate shock of his life when he got the campus’ jock Xavier (Tony Labrusca) as partner for a class project. Mico could’ve easily hidden his freshly hatched feelings for Xavier, if not for accidentally liking the heartthrob’s old Instagram post, a crystal clear receipt of stalking. 

The second episode titled “Feelings” opened with Mico banging the ‘Young Padawans’ online group with a rant about Xavier’s follower request on Instagram. He vowed to never ever befriend Xavier, on and offline. 

A virtual meeting came next. Mico kept the vibe professional and stiff while giving Xavier necessary instructions for their output. Xavier displayed his obnoxious attitude by poking fun at Mico’s obvious awkwardness and his ‘exclusive’ Instagram account, equating strict privacy to keeping secrets. The stalking, of course, was used as weapon of teasing. Albeit caught off guard, Mico managed to present a series of alibi to justify his embarrassing blunder.

The scene cut to Xavier receiving a video call from his frustrated girlfriend, Crystal (Gillian Vicencio), lashing out at him for his long list of boyfriend defects. The supposedly private lovers’ quarrel turned into a hot public topic when both parties posted cryptic relationship ‘hugots’ online. Mico learned about the brewing conflict, thanks to Kookai (Vivoree Esclito)’s appetite for gossip.

The next day, Xavier was noticeably distracted all throughout his digital conference with Mico. The latter felt the need to comment on his partner’s personal dilemma. But the unsolicited advice has only gone horribly wrong, leading in a slight falling out. Later, Mico’s friends would preach about being tactless. 

The follow-up meeting went well, though there were strained moments. Mico and Xavier apologized to each other for what happened in their last conversation. And this finally unfolded their potential as friends. Mico was surprised when, out of the blue, Xavier confided his thoughts and feelings to him. Through that confession, Mico learned that Xavier is living independently yet yearning for genuine care. 

Before hitting the sack, Mico confirmed Xavier’s follower request. And their short but ‘sweet’ online banter made him end the night with a dainty smile. 

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