HOTSPOT: Vivoree, Patrick elated with rising loveteam, success of “Hello, Stranger”

Vivoree Esclito and Patrick Quiroz went live on Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho to share their thoughts on their chemistry as a love team, and their experience being part of Black Sheep’s successful Boys Love (BL) digital series Hello, Stranger that topbilled Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara.

To start things off, host DJ Jhai Ho asked how the loveteam #PatVoree started. Patrick said that since they are both under ABS-CBN Films' Rise Artists Studio, one of their management heads informed them that they would be working on a project together. He shared that he was actually surprised that he would finally be working with a close friend, and was grateful for that opportunity. DJ Jhai Ho added that people had already noticed the spark and the chemistry between Patrick and Vivoree in their appearance on the first episodes of Rise Artists Studio’s online show We Rise Together.

When the young singer-actress was also asked how the transition from #KierVi to #PatVee was like for her, she confidently answered she’s always prepared for any change in the course of her career, including the people she would get to work with. But Vivoree admitted that when she knew she was going to be one of the stars under Rise Artists Studio, she also thought about what’s going to happen with her love team with Charles “CK” Kieron. But she added that she didn’t have any reason not to be grateful when she was given that opportunity, even if it also meant parting ways with her former love team partner. Vivoree gave huge thanks to all the #KierVi fans though for still sending their support even if she and CK now work individually.

Of course, as talented singers themselves, Pat and Vi didn’t let this episode pass without singing a song for each other. Patrick sang Moira Dela Torre’s hit song “Ikaw at Ako” to Vivoree, who couldn’t help but gush and smile while Patrick was singing and playing the guitar. And since Vivoree likes classic tunes, she performed the timeless and iconic “You” by The Carpenters to Patrick, who was impressed and felt kilig with Vivoree’s singing.

Being the supporting characters in Hello, Stranger,” which had consistently trended nationwide, Patrick and Vivoree felt so elated with the success of the series and the warm support given by the fans, especially by the LGBTQIA+ community. Patrick said that there were definitely a lot of BL Series that came before Hello, Stranger,” but from the very beginning, they already instilled in their minds that this project is also going to be loved by people. Since this series was done through virtual shoots, it became more challenging for the actors. The latter shared that the hard work they put in every shoot came with a lot of difficulties. For instance, they had to just look straight to the camera and this made it hard for them to actually see their co-actors for every scene. They also had to improve their senses, especially their peripheral vision so they could, at the same time, see the reactions or expressions of their co-actors in every scene.

For more kilig #PatVoree conversations and more about their appreciation towards their fans, continue watching this episode of Hotspot with DJ Jhai Ho!