DonBelle pranks He’s Into Her cast

The cast of He’s Into Her was called in for a busy day at the ABS-CBN Compound. In one of their activities, they took on a challenge called “Who’s Into What?” It was a test of how well they know the squad, likewise a test of patience, friendship, and character. Because – it’s a prank!

Donny Pangilinan, the ‘promotor,’ uploaded the video on his vlog. Here’s what happened.

The cast – Donny and Belle Mariano, plus Joao Constancia, Vivoree Esclito, Jeremiah Lisbo, Ashley del Mundo, Gello Marquez, Sophie Reyes, and Limer Veloso – assembled for promotional activities. Donny tapped Belle and the show’s promo team as accomplices. The plot: He would act grouchy throughout the challenge, messing up with his answers until Belle is triggered and they get into a quarrel. 

But, let’s get to know first the Benison Bears based on their revelations in the game. The first question was “Who’s into K-Pop?” If you are a follower of Vivoree, you’d know she’s quite the K-Pop-obsessed fangirl. The gang hailed Joao as TikTok King and voted Donny as the biker.

By the fourth question, on the Wattpad-lover in the group, Donny was starting to show attitude. Donny n’yo pagod na. And the rest of the cast was obviously bothered. 

The game continued, and we learned that Sophie is the beach babe, and Belle the k-drama addict. Asked the best singers in the bunch, they had Melizza Jimenez, Gello, Joao, and Belle for that. Donny was told to write down Belle’s name as well “para cute.” But he wasn’t in the mood and Belle was quite offended. Everyone could feel the tension – a sign of the brewing prank!

Moving on, everybody said Gello is the ‘antukin’, except Belle who wrote down Donny’s name because “inaantok siya ngayon, eh.” Next is the most ‘pikon.’ The back row giggled and exchanged glances, as if they know the truth but won’t spill for the sake of peace. Jeremiah and Donny said it’s Belle.

By the next round, Belle spilled that Donny is into stalking, saying he checks out sexy girls on social media. This triggered Donny, leading to a quarrel. To stop the debate and since he got the most number of votes, Gello said, “Sige, ako na po.”

Then, they were asked who they think is into them. Jeremiah made it hilarious by writing down Limer’s name. But it wasn’t enough to cheer up everyone, who was starting to worry over DonBelle. 

Donny still can’t get over the ‘stalker’ assumption and Belle started to cry. The back row felt awkward, exchanging glances, smiles, and secret notes on their mini boards. Jeremiah wrote down “Prank ba ‘to?” 

The final question to blow up the drama was, “Who’s the most professional?” Belle wrote down, “Not Donny.” And the two quarrelled ala Maxpein del Valle and Deib Lohr Enrile, sans the savagery. Donny walked out, and so did Belle.

Meanwhile, the gang was thinking whether it’s real or just a prank. Joao and Jeremiah were pretty sure that it was just a drama. Ashley tried to take control and told the boys not to play around because she thinks it’s for real. With her was Gello. 

Then, Vivoree noticed that everything was purposefully recorded. Weaving all the clues together, they knew it was just a practical joke. They wrote down “prank” on their white boards and took a groufie. 

Donny and Belle went back to their seats to take on the group spiels. Pack up time! Donny apologized and revealed the prank. Gello and Ashley were speechless, the others cheered because they knew all along. 

With only Gello and Ashley convinced, here’s the verdict: Fail! Better luck next time, Donny and Belle! 

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