“He’s Into Her” stars Donny Pangilinan, Belle Mariano gamely answers questions from fans

Newest kilig teen series, He’s Into Her, which is an adaptation of one of the bestselling Wattpad novels by Maxine Lat Calibuso (Maxinejiji), immediately became the top series on iWantTFC after its pilot episode was released last Sunday, May 30. In the latest episode of Hotspot, its lead stars Donny Pangilian and Belle Mariano had a fun-filled conversation with host DJ Jhaiho regarding their experiences working for it, as well as the real score between them.

Gratitude and appreciation are what Donny and Belle have for the overflowing love and warm reception of the fans for the show, which the latter considers as her biggest break to date.

“Yes, of course, I consider this as my big break. For a while nga, after I graduated from Goin’ Bulilit, nag-stop ako and nagkaroon din ng times na nag-overthink ako na, ‘What if I don’t make it? What if walang mangyari sa career ko?’. That’s why I’m really grateful for this project,” she related, confessing that she further got anxious about her career when she was going through the “awkward stage”.

Since He’s Into Her is two years in the making, not to mention that they had to do cycles of lock-in tapings, it wasn’t impossible for the whole ensemble cast to grow closer with one another. The host also noted it, sharing how much he admires their tight bond that he’s able to witness through his interviews with them both physically and virtually.

When asked how the series has helped them get to know more about themselves both as an actor and an individual, Donny and Belle agreed that working with the whole cast and crew had never made them feel like they are working because they’re able to form a family.

“Sobra. Kasi hindi naman basta work lang e. When you enter the set, of course may mga scenes kayo. But beyond that, you talk about life, you talk about just anything in general. Doon talaga nagbu-build ang chemistry ninyo, ‘di ba? Not all the time you spend on set, so I really feel that everyone who worked on this, buong cast, our friendship, whatever we gained or earned, it goes beyond the show. It would go even beyond maybe season 2, season 3 hopefully. We’ll never know, ‘di ba? It’s more than friendship – it’s family,” Donny stated. His loveteam partner seconded it by saying how much they’ve enjoyed the journey and each other’s company throughout the filming.

And since being in a loveteam is not new for both of them anymore, the host asked how they handle the pressure that comes from the fans who rally for them to take their team-up to the next level. Donny expressed that he doesn’t want other people to dictate how his relationship would be like towards his friends or his colleagues in showbiz, including Belle.

“I just keep trying to be true to myself and I just want to not lose what I’ve built, what we’ve built because some other people are pressuring or stuff like that. I just don’t want others to dictate kung ano ‘yong actions na gagawin namin. Kung sino kami, kung ano ‘yong realness na ‘yon, kung ano ‘yong meron sa amin na friendship or just everything we’ve built, I just don’t want to let others tell us how to handle it. We’re very focused,” Donny commented.

Since they’ve grown closer, they were asked what’s that one thing or personality of the other that they admire. The 23-year-old actor said he likes how Belle is just so game at everything, whereas Belle said she noticed how Donny has always been thoughtful and caring with the everyone on the set. And due to the insistent demand of their fans, they also revealed and gave a sample of the song they dedicate to each other, both sang Belle’s very own single “Sigurado”, much to the delight of everyone.

They also gamely answered the questions sent by DonBelle shippers to DJ Jhai Ho via Twitter. First, they were asked if they did experience being carried away with a kilig scene and both of them answered yes and explained that they really couldn’t avoid it since it’s not easy to switch emotions from one scene to another.

As for the first time they met each other, they recalled that it was during one of the tapings of Playhouse, wherein Donny used to be a part of. Belle even disclosed that it was also the first time they played Mobile Legends together. The next question was for Donny, which asked for his comment with regards to the fact that there are many guys from Rise Artists Studio who like Belle. He quipped that it’s not really hard for someone to like Belle because she actually has it all.

Afterwards, they were asked what could be their message or advice to their younger selves. Belle went first and said that she would tell her younger self to not rush things and to not be afraid to commit mistakes, but learn from those instead. Meanwhile, Donny would tell his younger self to believe in himself, to just keep going, to never compromise who he really is, never give up, and never forget that he has a purpose.

Moreover, one of their avid shippers was interested to know when was the last time they had an in-depth conversation. They said that it was probably during the last lock-in taping wherein they had a serious talk with each other, which they usually do, especially before doing a scene together as suggested by their director.

DonBelle was then asked what was their childhood dream, to which Belle shared that ever since she was a kid, she has dreamt of becoming an artist. She remembered how she would always sing or act in front of the mirror and love to entertain people. Donny, on the other hand, said that he has always been the most business-oriented in their family ever since he was a kid, for he would always find a way to earn money. Even though many in their family are in showbiz, being an actor has never crossed his mind as it was his dream to become a successful entrepreneur instead.

Another fan associated his question with the duet performance of Donny and Belle in ASAP Natin ‘To, wherein they sang “Byahe” by John Roa. The two were asked where they would bring one another if given the chance. Belle said that she would bring Donny to the beach, while Donny said he would want them to try skydiving.

Donny was then asked if he would rather be alone or have someone to cheer him up when he’s not feeling good, and he answered that it depends on the situation. Another fan also asked a question related to one of the scenes from the first episode of He’s Into Her, which was their debate about true love. Belle said she really believes in true love because it can be in a form of true love from yourself, family, your friends, or your supporters. Meanwhile Donny said that he thinks anything can really happen when it comes to love.

When a fan asked for some unseen pictures of them together, Donny showed many selfies of Belle that were taken on his phone. It also seemed like a fan noticed that Belle once wore Donny’s blue jacket and he shared that Belle was just feeling cold that time that’s why he lent her his jacket. When asked if they ever had experienced a slow-motion moment in real life, the 18-year-old actress shared that it was when Donny got out of the car that we’re all able to witness on the pilot episode.

Lastly, they were asked if they have ever tried delivering food to each other. Belle imparted that she was supposed to send Donny a charcuterie board last Christmas, but since his place was too far from her, that didn’t push through. Meanwhile, Donny said that, he usually shared food to everyone on the set, since the whole cast really loves to eat.

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