Siblings triggered in a prank gone wrong in “Harapan kay Mamang”

When siblings get involved in a prank, chances are, the “victim” would take it lightly and just laugh it off.


But for the Pajanostans, a prank turned awry after the victim, the youngest sibling, turned furious and brought the matter up to the “Pambansang Kapitbahay,” Pokwang, in “Harapan kay Mamang” on Online Kapamilya Shows (OKS) on Saturday, May 23.


Haiden Pajanostan, 18, told Mamang Pokwang about being constantly bullied by her siblings to the point of being an unwitting receiving end of a prank, claiming it was intended for another sibling.


After the prank, Haiden stormed out of their family living room and had since held a grudge on the sibling who planned it all—Tan Pajanostan, 22.


In this episode, Haiden and Tan would trade barbs against each other—from Tan being jealous of Haiden over a girl, and Haiden charging Tan of being ill tempered when being ridiculed as well. Sibling envy, favoritism, and loss of respect have also been issues they needed to resolve.


When Mamang Pokwang finally called their father Francis Pajanostan to join their discussion, the heated exchange subsided. Papa Francis noted that he never played favorites to any of his children, as what Haiden initially perceived when he gives extra attention to Tan. Papa Francis claimed Tan’s being sickly made him more concerned about his welfare.


But he reiterated he treats all his six children equally and fairly, being the only parent present to take care of all of them—he would call their attention when they do something wrong, and praise them for any accomplishments they make.


Papa Francis states that Haiden, Tan, and the rest of their children are all obedient, respectful, hardworking, and patient. He called on Haiden and Tan to settle their differences, saying that he will help them in ironing out their issues. He reiterated that he will always be there for them whenever they need him.


Tan would first thank his dad for being a good and dedicated father, trying his best to provide for what they need, especially the attention and love. Haiden, meanwhile, said he admires his father for the strength in trying to be with them all the time and supporting them all the way.

And their love for their dad truly softened their heart, with Tan and Haiden forgiving each other and reconciling in the end.


Mamang Pokwang would then emphasize how we must treasure our families. She stressed families are not perfect but at the end of the day, it is family that we cling on to in times of crises or ordeals, just like the current pandemic, since our parents or siblings have always been our sources of strength.


Watch more of the heated, colorful yet heartwarming discussion of siblings trying settle their differences over a prank gone wrong in this episode of “Harapan Kay Mamang.”


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